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Smaller collections

The British Stand-Up Comedy Archive contains a number of smaller, but growing, collections relating to stand-up comedy and associated performance arts.

Comedy clubs and festivals

  • Camden Fringe: brochures from the Camden Fringe (a performing arts festival which takes place in Camden, London during August) for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  • Folkestone Comedy Club: promotional material for the Folkestone Comedy Club, established in 2015.
  • Nick Toczek Collection: leaflets and flyers created by Nick Toczek to promote alternative cabaret and alternative comedy nights in Bradford between 1986 and 1995, including Stereo Graffiti, the Bradford Poetry Live Festival, Tumbling Hill Street Blues, Bradford Alternative Cabaret, Cracker!, and Korks Komedy Klub.
  • What the Frock! Comedy Collection: What the Frock! is a comedy event series which celebrates women in comedy. The collection contains material from the flyers and postcards advertising What The Frock! Comedy events in Bristol, promotional material including badges and bookmarks, and a copy of 'What The Frock! Book of Funny Women' (published 2015).


  • Lost Voice Guy Collection: Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy) is a stand-up comedian who uses a communication aid to deliver jokes and routines during performances. The Lost Voice Guy Collection comprises promotional material and audio-visual material.
  • Robin Ince Collection: the collection includes passes and badges for shows/tours/festivals in which Robin Ince performed, flyers and postcards for Robin Ince's shows, zines made for Robin Ince's Book Club and Edinburgh shows, performance notes, and props.


  • Andrew Sherlock Radio Interviews: interviews recorded for 'Best of Order' radio programme about Working Men's Clubs. The interviews were recorded by Andrew Sherlock in 1996 and the radio programme was broadcast in three parts on BBC Merseyside in 1996.


  • Ian Gardhouse Collection: a collection of books on jokes and comedy, collected by Ian Gardhouse during his career as a radio producer of comic programmes, and for his own academic research. Also deposited was a folder of monologues and gag scripts for radio shows 'The Treatment', 'Loose Ends', and 'Late News' (both BBC Radio 4) commissioned by Ian Gardhouse from D.A. Barham (Debbie Barham), and Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain.

Collection in brief

Contents: promotional material

Period: 1931-2015

Subjects: comedy, performance, television comedy, radio comedy, comedy festivals, fringe festivals

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