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Weatherill Papers: parliamentary papers 1

Files on particular issues, drafts of speeches and newspaper clippings, articles featuring Weatherill in his various positions of office. See also parliamentary papers 2.


Conservative Whips Office, 1967-1979 - Files

Accession code: WEA/PP W

1967 to 1979

Weatherill joined the Conservative Whips Office early in his parliamentary career, in January 1967, having come to the attention of Willie Whitelaw when leading a group of back benchers to vote with the Opposition on sanctions in Rhodesia. During his years in the Whips Office the Conservative Party was in Government only from June 1970 to February 1974 and so most of his experience was in Opposition. He had special responsibility for trade, power and labour affairs and held various appointments in the Royal Household - Commissioner of HM Treasury, 1970-1971; Vice-Chamberlain of HM Household, 1971-1972; Comptroller of HM Household, 1972-1973; Treasurer of HM Household, 1973-1974. From 1970-1979 he was a member of the Services (House of Commons) Committee and in 1974 became Deputy Chief Whip and so was in a prominent position at the time of the leadership election in 1975, when Margaret Thatcher replaced Edward Heath as leader of the Conservative Party.

The material in these files reflect some of these activities. They split into two groups with a series of chronological files containing a mixture of items covering his parliamentary duties as both a constituency MP and a member of the Whips Office, with some private material and a small group of topical files. As usual Weatherill frequently adds annotations and comments to items giving some interesting insights and background to issues.

19 files

Accession no.DescriptionDate
WEA/PP W1 Conservative Whips Office, 1968

This file contains some material prior to Weatherill joining the Whips Office and includes photographs of the visit of constituents, newspaper reports of his parliamentary speeches, and information about a censure motion sponsored by Weatherill following remarks by George Brown attacking the Conservative Government's war record.

1 file (13 docs)

1965 to 1968
WEA/PP W2 Conservative Whips Office, 1969

Items in this file include press cuttings on Weatherill's speech in the House on government spending and his suggestions for increasing income; a copy of the centenary issue of 'Contact' a periodical of the Guildford Conservative Association; various newspaper cuttings about Weatherill and the Small Business Development Bureau in particular; copy of a letter from Ted Heath thanking him for his work as a Whip on the Committee stage of the Transport Bill.

1 file (22 docs)

WEA/PP W3 Conservative Whips Office, 1970

This file is predominantly connected with his role in the Whips Office with apologies from MPs not able to attend debates; a copy of 'notes for Whips'; information on the post of Lord Commissioner of the Treasury; copy of 'Swinton Journal' containing an article by Weatherill called 'The Role of Small Business'.

1 file (22 docs)

WEA/PP W4 Conservative Whips Office, 1971

This file includes an article about the performance of the Conservative Whips Office; copy of a letter announcing the amalgamation of Bernard Weatherill Ltd with Kilgour, French and Stanbury; notes on the common market vote, 28 October, when Weatherill was Pairing Whip.

1 file (20 docs)

WEA/PP W5 Conservative Whips Office, 1972

This file contains several routine letters and notes of a speech made by Weatherill in Paris

1 file (12 docs)

WEA/PP W6 Conservative Whips Office, 1973

This file contains a wide variety of material, generated from his role in the Whips Office, from engagements in his constituency and there is also some personal material. The items include information on the post of Treasurer to the Royal Household, which he was appointed to in December; numerous thank you letters; a 'doodle' by David Walder drawn during a meeting of the Atomic Energy (Weapons Group) Committee; notes of speech given to the Worshipful Company of Turners; sample copies of Christmas cards sent by the Weatherills.

1 file (2 folders, 85 docs)

WEA/PP W7 Conservative Whips Office, 1974

This file includes a list of the division of Whips responsibilities; notes made by Weatherill for Humphrey Atkins of an informal meeting chaired by Nigel Fisher to consider if Edward Du Cann is a suitable person to challenge Ted Heath for the leadership of the Conservative Party; thank-you letters from visiting school pupils; service sheet for the funeral of his brother-in-law, Michael Fudicia.

1 file (55 docs)

WEA/PP W8 Conservative Whips Office, 1975

This file includes the same range of material as other files, but also contains several significant documents in connection with the election for a leader of the Conservative Party in February 1975. These documents include working lists and the master list of Conservative MPs indicating which candidate they supported and showing Ted Heath to have a clear majority according to these calculations, a list of suggestions for the Shadow Cabinet under Margaret Thatcher and satirical poems about the leadership election. In addition there is a framed copy for the debate on the membership of the European Community, with annotations by Weatherill on the absent Conservative MPs, signatures of the Conservative Whips. There is also a copy of 'Acorns to Oaks - a Policy for Small Business' written by Weatherill and John Cope and published by the Conservative Political Centre in 1969

1 file (2 folders, 48 docs)

WEA/PP W9 Conservative Whips Office, 1976

The contents of this file include a photograph of Mrs Thatcher with the Conservative Whips, July 1976; information about British Columbia, which Weatherill visited; notes for a speech at the opening St Marks School, South Norwood

1 file (39 docs)

WEA/PP W10 Conservative Whips Office, 1977

The contents of this file include a menu for a dinner signed by all the Conservative Whips

1 file (32 docs)

WEA/PP W11 Conservative Whips Office, 1978

The contents of this file include a letter inviting Weatherill to become a member of the Drunken Hare Club for MPs and peers interested in defence; draft list of Conservative MPs positions in government, May 1978; menu for the Conservative Whips dinner annotated by Weatherill s 'the best Whips dinner for open and fresh discussion'.

1 file (35 docs)

WEA/PP W12 Conservative Whips Office, 1979

The contents of this file include a photograph of the Conservative Whips after the 'great defeat' 28 March; a copy of the police report on the bomb explosion at the Palace of Westminster, 30 March; a 'chapter of accidents' when Weatherill was absent from the House in May.

1 file (10 docs)

WEA/PP W13 Conservative Whips Office, Small Business Association, 1966-1970

This file concerns Weatherill's efforts to promote a Small Business Development Bureau as part as the Conservative Party policy. It includes letters and newspaper cuttings about his visit to USA to investigate the work of the Small Business Administration, Nov 1966; extracts of Hansard with parliamentary questions on small business issues, May 1968; several letters to Ted Heath to urge greater government support of the Small Business Development Bureau, 1970.

1 file (11 docs)

1966 to 1970
WEA/PP W14 Conservative Whips Office, Change in the Electoral System, Devolution and Parliamentary Reforms, 1975

This file is an accumulation of pamphlets and photocopies of articles on the above topics, some of which have been circulated among the Whips. They include the 'Report of the Conservative Review Committee on the House of Lords', March 1978; 'Parliament and the purse strings', May 1977; an annotated copy of Hansard containing a debate on the reform of Parliament, May 1978; articles on the standing of Parliaments in Britain and abroad; amendments to the Scotland and Wales Bill, 1977'; an article on the recruitment of Whips in the House of Commons.

1 file (22 docs)

1973 to 1978
WEA/PP W15 Conservative Whips Office, 'Interesting items when I was Deputy Chief Whip'

This folder contains a variety of lists and reports, some of which are marked as being from the 'bench folder' and some as reports for circulation among the Whips only. The items include Weatherill's brief for Margaret Thatcher on her visit to the 1922 Committee with a list of Conservative achievements in the House while in opposition; cards containing lists of MPs allocated to particular Whips with a list of the division of responsibilities; notes of a Whips duties when in opposition; a printed list of Conservative MPs annotated with forecasts of those to be considered for political appointments, formulated at a Whips conference in Jan 1979; bundle of Whips information for 4 April with a list of business, the weekly calendar, party notices; papers of calculations of voting in Government defeats, with explanations by Weatherill, 1979; list of Conservative MPs divided different professions.

1 file (26 docs)

1974 to 1979
WEA/PP W16 Conservative Whips Office, Letters to Lyn Weatherill

A series of letters from a variety of political figures to Lyn Weatherill, mostly thanking her for hospitality.

1 file (35 docs)

1977 to 1984
WEA/PP W17 Conservative Whips Office, Letters to MPs

This file contains correspondence to Weatherill from other MPs and his replies. The subject matters include arrangements for car parking at the Palace of Westminster, vacancies on committees, use of Commons notepaper, the booking of committee rooms, location of close circuit televisions, pairing arrangements.

1 file (55 docs)

WEA/PP W18 Conservative Whips Office, Speeches given by Weatherill

This file includes speeches and articles given by Weatherill to various organisations including some early speeches given to the Guildford Conservative Association, 1962.

1 file (20 docs)

1962 to 1981
WEA/PP W19 Conservative Whips Office, Information about Parliament

This file contains a variety of printed material about parliament in general and offices within the House of Commons. These accounts are both historical and anecdotal in content and frequently have phrases underlined to emphasise their significance and to indicate their usefulness in future speeches.

1 file (35 docs)

about 1961 to about 1982

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