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Archival collections

Book collections

The majority of Secial Collections books holdings are included in LibrarySearch. You can limit your search to Special Collections using the Advanced Search, or filter your search results by Special Collections.

  • William Blake Facsimiles: this consists of a set of the Trianon Press facsimiles and other facsimiles of the works of William Blake; the collection comprises ca 50 volumes.
  • Books-across-the-Sea Children's Book Collection
  • Catherine Crowe Collection: a collection of novels and papers about the Victorian spiritualist and writer Catherine Crowe
  • Jack Johns Darwin Collection: collection of first and early editions of Charles Darwin's works and related material
  • Early printed (pre-1701 & 18th century) books: most of our 16th & 17th century imprints were originally part of the Crow Collection. Others have been deliberately purchased to supplement our holdings, or removed from the open shelves. Amongst the 18th century books, history & literature predominate.
  • Lloyd George Collection: part of the private library of the former prime minister David Lloyd George, including books on the First World War and its aftermath, eg the Treaty of Versailles and the new Balkan States
  • Local History Collection
  • Maddison Collection: 17th-19th century books on science and technology
  • Modern First Editions Collection: ca 1,300 volumes in total, derived from the bequests of John Crow and Bonamy Dobrée. It has been divided into a prose and a poetry section, the poetry forming part of the Modern Poetry Collection.

Smaller collections

We also have a number of smaller or less significant collections, which are largely uncatalogued.

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Last Updated: 02/06/2016