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Recommended libraries in Rome

We recommend that you make full use of the resources available to you locally at libraries in Rome:

  • American University of Rome (AUR) - Evans Hall: facilities include books, DVDs, a reserve collection, inter-library loans, an online catalogue and a quiet study lounge where students can undertake work and research; students have access to the library's large collection of e-books - search the Library catalogue
  • American Academy in Rome: strong in Classical studies and the history of art and architecture, conveniently close to the American University of Rome (AUR)
  • Norwegian Institute (website in Italian or Norwegian): smaller than the American Academy, but holds vital texts and is less busy; most staff speak English and are very helpful; close to the AUR
  • British School of Rome (BSR): extensive collection, but only has 28 study spaces, so get there early; annual membership is €30, bring a letter of introduction, access form, and ID with a passport-sized photo on your first visit
  • Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte (Library of Archaeology and the History of Art): national public library focused on art and archaeology, with two locations - Palazzo Venezia and branch at the Crociera del Collegio Romano; bring ID to enter
  • Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte): holdings of specialist literature and photographs of Italian art history assets; MA students working on their dissertation may get a short term library card if they show that material they need is exclusively held here




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Last Updated: 28/09/2018