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Document delivery – request chapters or articles

If the journal article or book chapter you need isn't available from the University of Kent's e-resources or in print in your local libraries, we'll try to get it for you via the document delivery service.

Before you make a request


  • LibrarySearch Europe to see if the item is available as an e-resource.
  • with your supervisor if the item is available from another source or there is an acceptable alternative.
  • the catalogues of relevant local libraries to see if they have the item, or a suitable alternative.

You must have approval from your supervisor before you make the request.

To make your request

  1. Go to LibrarySearch Europe
  2. Click Document Delivery Request (top right)
  3. Follow the instructions for your European Centre

When your item has arrived

Articles and book chapters

Articles and chapters are supplied in digital format by the British Library and you'll get an email with the link to the document.

To access it you need to:

  • be online; if your default browser is Google Chrome, you either need to disable the Chrome PDF viewer plugin, or use Internet Explorer or Firefox on this occasion
  • register for BLDSS (British Library Document Supply Service); we recommend you register before you receive your document (you only have to do this once)
  • log into the document with your BLDSS username and password; don't tick "Remember me on this computer" if you're using a shared computer
  • use Adobe Reader 10 (or above) to open the pdf (available on student PCs and Staff Managed Desktops)
  • download and save the document within 30 days of the original email or it will expire; click File, then Save As and save to a networked folder, memory stick, or your own PC or laptop.

There are restrictions to your use of the document, due to copyright legislation:

  • you can only print one copy and may not make further copies
  • you may not make further electronic copies, convert the file to any other format, or copy and paste from it
  • once downloaded/saved, the document will "self-destruct" after 3 years




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Last Updated: 10/09/2018