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University of Kent theses and dissertations

The Templeman Library holds:

  • all theses submitted for higher degrees
  • dissertations for higher degrees (1994 onwards: only those of distinction standard)
  • some extended essays or dissertations submitted as part of first degrees
  • local history dissertations, mainly diploma level.

Theses submitted since September 2014 are held in digital format in the Kent Academic Repository (KAR); older theses are held in print format.

Find a digital thesis

  1. Use the advanced search in KAR.
  2. Scroll down and under the heading ‘Item type’ select the box next to ‘Thesis’. 
  3. To narrow your search, complete other relevant fields (for example the school, date or date range, or a term in the title). 

You can download most theses in KAR, but some may be restricted. If you want to access a restricted thesis, click Contact us about this publication and complete the form. We will contact the author for you.

Find a print thesis

All print theses are included in LibrarySearch. To request a print thesis, click Place Reservation and we will email you when it's ready to pick up. Theses are confined, which means you can only use them in the library building.

If you're from a different institution: please refer staff at your home library to our information for libraries requesting items from the Templeman Library.

To find all print theses in a particular subject, browse the list below and then click on a classmark link.


Subjects beginning with A

Subject Classmark
Accounting UA 2
Actuarial Science UA 3
Alcohol Counselling UA 4
American Studies UA 45
Anthropology UA 47
Applied Computing UA 5
Applied Language Studies UA 55
Applied Linguistics UA 6
Applied Mathematics UA 7
Applied Psychology UA 72
Applied Social Sciences UA 73
Applied Theology UA 75
Archaeology UA 8
Architecture UA 81
Art Criticism & Theory UA 9
Arts (Creative) UA 9


Subjects beginning with B

Subject Classmark
Bibliography UB 4
Biochemistry UB 5
Biodiversity Management UB 55
Biology UB 6
Biomedical Imaging UB 66
Biotechnology UB 7
Biotechnology & Computation UB 72
Broadband & Mobile Communications Networks UB 75
Business Administration UB 8
Business in the Environment UB 85
Business Studies UB 9


Subjects beginning with C

Subject Classmark
Cartoons and Caricature UC 2
Chemical Physics UC 4
Chemistry UC 5
Chemistry & Education UC 6
Chemistry with Environmental Science UC 65
Classical Archaeology see Archaeology UA 8
Classics UC 7
Clinical Psychology UC 71
Cognitive Neuroscience UC 72
Cognitive Psychology UC 72
Communication Systems Engineering UC 73
Communications & Image Studies UC 75
Community Development UC 78
Comparative Federalism UC 79
Comparative Literary Studies UC 8
Computer Science UC 9
Computing & Social Statistics UC 92
Conservation Biology UC 93
Conservation of Soil Fertility UC 95
Contemporary Dance UD 2
Continuing Education UC 97
Creative Writing UC 975
Criminology UC 98
Cultural Studies UC 99


Subjects beginning with D-E

Subject Classmark
Dance, Contemporary UD 2
Dickens & Victorian Culture UD 3
Digital Arts UD 4
Drama UD 6
E-Commerce UE 1
Ecology UE 2
Econometrics & Social Statistics UE 3
Economic & Social History UE 4
Economics UE 5
Economics & Econometrics UE 55
Education UE 6
Electronic Engineering UE 7
Elizabethan & Jacobean Studies UE 75
English UE 8
Environmental Anthropology UE 81
Environmental Law & Conservation UE 82
Environmental Law & Policy UE 83
Environmental Science UE 84
Environmental Social Science UE 845
Ethnobiology UE 85
Ethnobotany UE 85
Enzyme Chemistry UE 86
European & Comparative Literary Studies UE 87
European Business Administration UE 88
European Business Studies UE 88
European Economic Integration UE 89
European Integration UE 892
European Studies UE 9


Subjects beginning with F-G

Subject Classmark
Film & Art Theory UF 25
Film Studies UF 4
Fine Art UF 45
Forensic Psychology UF 5
French UF 7
Fungal Technology UF 8
Genetics UG 2
Geography UG 3
German UG 5
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations UG 8


Subjects beginning with H

Subject Classmark
Health Promotion/Education UH 15
Health Psychology UH 1
Health Studies UH 2
Hispanic Studies UH 26
History UH 3
History of Architecture UH 35
History of Art UH 4
History and Theory of Music UH 45
History of Science UH 5
Human Rights UH 8


Subjects beginning with I

Subject Classmark
Image Studies UI 2
Imaging Science UI 25
Industrial Design UI 28
Industrial Relations UI 3
Information Technology UI 35
Interdisciplinary Studies UI 4
International Conflict Analysis UI 42
International Finance and Economic Development UI 45
International Political Economy UI 5
International Relations UI 6
Islamic Studies UI 8
Italian UI 9


Subjects beginning with L-M

Subject Classmark
Language Studies UL 2
Law UL 3
Learning Disability UL 4
Local Government UL 6
Local History UL 7
Management UM 2
Management of Community Care UM 3
Management Science UM 35
Marketing UM 37
Mathematics UM 4
Media and Cultural Studies UM 5
Medicine and Health Sciences UM 55
Medieval and Early Modern Studies UM 6
Mental Health UM 65
Migration, Mental Health & Social Care UM 67
Modern Literature UM 7
Modern Poetry UM 72
Music UM 75
Mysticism & Religious Experience, Study of UM 8


Subjects beginning with N-P

Subject Classmark
Nursing Studies UN 8
Operational Research UO 5
Paramedical Studies UP 1
Performance Space & IT Modelling UP 15
Personal Social Services UP 2
Philosophy UP 3
Photography UP 34
Physics UP 4
Physics with Education UP 5
Political Sociology UP 55
Political Thought UP 6
Politics UP 7
Post-Colonial Studies UP 72
Propaganda, Persuasion and History UP 75
Psychoanalytic Studies in the Humanities UP 8
Psychology UP 85
Psychotherapy Studies UP 87
Public Policy Studies UP 9


Subjects beginning with Q-S

Subject Classmark
Quantitative Social Science UQ 4
Radio, Film and Television Studies UR 2
Radiography UR 3
Research Methods in Psychology UR 5
Security and Terrorism US 2
Social Administration US 3
Social Anthropology US 4
Social Policy US 45
Social Psychology US 5
Social and Applied Psychology US 51
Social Research US 55
Social Welfare and Planning US 58
Social Work US 6
Socialist Studies US 65
Socio-Legal Studies US 67
Sociology US 7
Southeast Asian Studies US 8
Sport Science US 85
Statistics US 9


Subjects beginning with T-W

Subject Classmark
Technology based work skills UT 2
Theology UT 4
Tourism and Conservation UT 5
Tourism Studies UT 6
Urban Studies UU 6
Visual Anthropology UV 3
Vocational Techniques for Career Linguists UV 5
Women's Studies UW 6


Other types of theses and assignments

Subject Classmark
Extended Essays UX 1
Nonington College Reports UX 2
Heritage & Museum Placement Reports UX 3
Theses from other universities
(only a small number are held in the Library)
UY 2


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