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Mendeley is a reference management tool that works with Windows, Mac and Linux and has iOS and Android apps. You can download it to your desktop and also use it web based. It is free to use and you can upgrade its storage at a cost.

Sign into Mendeley, create an account or download Mendeley to your desktop. If you have a personal email address it’s best to use that as your log-in for Mendeley. Don't use your Kent IT Account password for your Mendeley account.

Mendeley is also available on student PCs on campus:

  1. In the search bar at the bottom left of your screen, start typing in ‘Mendeley’. The Mendeley Desktop app details should appear.
  2. Left-click Open to launch the Mendeley Desktop app.
  3. When the ‘Welcome to Mendeley Desktop’ screen opens, either:
    1. if you already have a Mendeley account: log in to Mendeley with your Mendeley account details, or;
    2. left-click the Register button (at the bottom left of the Mendeley screen) to set up a free account with Mendeley.

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Last Updated: 17/01/2020