Statistics, maps and demographics

Statistical resources

Services we subscribe to

  • Cross-National Times-Series Data Archive: comprehensive listing of country data facts from 1815 to the present, covering over 200 countries; includes data on economic, social and political indicators
  • Historical Statistics of the United States: database of US historical statistics; you can create customised tables reflecting your own areas of interest
  • International Historical Statistics (1750-2010): key economic and social indicators for the last 260 years
  • OECD iLibrary: collection of books, papers and statistics and gateway to OECD's analysis and data; does not include access to the IEA statistical series
  • Statista: online statistics portal, providing a huge range and volume of data from market and opinion research institutions, from business organizations and government institutions in English and German
  • World Competitiveness Yearbook Online: comprehensive database on the competitiveness of nations; world competitiveness is a field of economic theory which analyses the policies and factors that contribute towards the successful and sustainable prosperity of nations and enterprises

Free resources on the web

  • Eurostat: statistics for Europe, provided by the statistical office of the European Union
  • IMF Data and Statistics: data from the International Monetary Fund
  • Global Health Observatory (GHO) data: the World Health Organiszation's gateway to health-related statistics for it's 194 member states
  • Office for National Statistics: data from the UK's largest independent producer of official statistics and the recognised statistical institute of the UK
  • UK Data Archive: the UK's largest collection of social and economic data
  • UK Data Service: includes major UK government-sponsored surveys, cross-national surveys, longitudinal studies, UK census data, international aggregate, business data, and qualitative data
  • United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD):global centre for data on international trade, national accounts, energy, industry, environment and demographic and social statistics gathered from national and international sources
  • World Bank Open Data: access to global development data

Maps and map data


We subscribe to Digimap, a powerful online mapping service delivering maps and data from the Ordnance Survey, the British Geological Survey, the Environment Agency and more. You can either download data to use with software such as GIS or CAD or as maps generated by Digimap online.

You have access to:

  • Ordnance Survey Collection: full range of detailed topographical Ordnance Survey data for the UK
  • Historic Digimap: Ordnance Survey maps from 1843-1995
  • Geology Digimap: wide range of geological map data from the British Geological Survey
  • Environment Digimap: Land Cover data from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology which can be used to monitor agriculture, ecology, conservation, forestry, environmental assessment, water supplies, urban spread, transport, telecommunications, recreation and mineral extraction
  • Aerial Digimap: access to some of the highest quality aerial photography available for Great Britain
  • Lidar Digimap: detailed Lidar data from the Environment Agency, including vertical aerial photography; Lidar data is a very accurate model of the earth’s surface
  • Global Digimap: still under development (working with users), this will provide access to global datasets in cartographic styles and downloadable formats
  • Digimap OpenStream: use it to:
    • embed maps in your website
    • provide Ordnance Survey mapping in a Desktop GIS project
    • create mashups, combining OS OpenData with maps and data from other sources

How to access and use Digimap

  1. Go to the Digimap site and click Log In.
  2. Type 'University of Kent' in the box, select it and click Continue.
  3. You need to register for using Digimap as a whole and then agree to the license agreement for each individual collection you want to use.

You can find lots of help with using Digimap in the Digimap Resource Centre.

Free map resources on the web

  • Old Maps Online: find historical maps in libraries around the world
  • UK Borders: provides digitised boundary datasets of the UK

Demographics and population

  • UK Data Service - Census Support: data from the censuses of 1971-2011; populations censuses are a vital resource for social scientific research and policy development, providing a snapshop of demographic and social life in the UK
  • CIA World Factbook: produced by the US Central Intelligence Agency, the World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for countries around the world
  • POPLINE: bibliographic database of citations and abstracts to literature in the field of population, family planning, and related health issues
  • United States Census Bureau: population, social and economic data for the United States


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