Deposit your thesis



Are you planning to publish your thesis?

If you are planning to publish your thesis as an article, book or chapter you may need to apply an embargo.

When you make your thesis available in KAR the full text of your thesis will be available over the internet, but this is not the same as publishing it: your thesis will still be ‘prior publication’.

The publishers' view

Most publishers allow you to make your thesis available online in this way, so it's unlikely to affect your ability to publish your research in the future.

But some publishers take a stricter view of what constitutes publication. If you think this may be a problem, you can choose to embargo your thesis for a defined period.

See this list of publisher policies and attitudes towards thesis embargo and prior publication.

Find out more

For a more detailed explanation of the risks and benefits of making your thesis Open Access, read this blog post by our research support team.



Last Updated: 30/01/2019