Deposit your thesis



How to upload your thesis through Moodle

You submit your thesis through a Moodle module. This is usually called 'Thesis Deposition for [School] PGR Students' or 'General Information for [School] PGR Students'. Your school admin team or supervisor will let you know how to find it.

Go to the module and:

  1. click Thesis Deposit Point, then Click here to start.
  2. on the next page, choose one of the two options to decide the availability of your thesis.
  3. read the terms and conditions and click Accept; if you want to choose a different option, click Back to return to step 2.
  4. fill in the form and then upload your file(s); make sure you select the relevant 'embargo' option if applicable.
  5. if you want to you can click Save for later.
  6. when you are finished, click Submit to School Administrator - you will not be able to make changes after this.
  7. you will return to the Deposits page which lists your thesis along with its status.

What happens next?

Your school administrator will check the details and publish your thesis to the Kent Academic Repository. If changes are needed they will reset your deposit to Draft status and tell you by email what you need to do.

Once the thesis is published, you can't make any more changes to it within Moodle.

If you have additional files which can't be incorporated into the body of your thesis, check how to prepare and deposit them.

Please email if:

  • your thesis has not appeared in KAR within 5 working days
  • you want to change an embargo.



Last Updated: 02/07/2018