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Estimate the impact of your work with SciVal

SciVal is a research assessment tool that uses data from Scopus and Science Direct to give you access to the research performance of research institutions and individual researchers worldwide.

SciVal enables you to visualise research performance, benchmark using a number of metrics, develop collaborative partnerships and analyse research trends.

You can create specific units of analysis, known as "entities", to help focus your analysis. These can be based on institutions, countries, researchers, publication sets, or research areas.


Access SciVal

SciVal has a two-stage log in process.

  1. Log into SciVal with your Kent IT account. Always use the SciVal links on this page or in the A-Z of e-resources to ensure you have the correct level of access as a member of the University of Kent.
  2. Then log in to SciVal separately. This will give you access to your own space within SciVal.

First time users

Log into SciVal and register with your Kent email address. You will be asked to create a password. This should be a password just for SciVal, not your Kent password.

If you already have an account for Scopus, Web of Science or any other Elsevier product, you can use those login details to log in.

Need help?

If you already have an account for Scopus, Web of Science or any other Elsevier product and are having problems using SciVal, please contact SciVal help.

For any other help or if you would like training, email


Log into SciVal

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Last Updated: 21/11/2016