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Altmetric and altmetrics


Altmetric is a tool that tracks new mentions and shares of millions of research outputs and gives you real-time updates. Each research output that Altmetric finds attention for is given a score - a weighted count of the online attention it has received.

Altmetric tools

  • Altmetric Bookmarklet: install this in your browser to get article level metrics for any recent paper - your own, or others you are using for your research
  • Altmetric Badges (also known as "the donut"):
    • the donut visualises which types of sources (social media, blogs, etc) the attention for the item comes from;
    • use it to show the attention your research is getting by embedding the donut badge into your web pages
  • Details page: clicking on the donut will get people here, where they can explore all of the collated attention, and click through to the original source
  • Altmetric Explorer (University of Kent):
    • search for authors or papers at Kent (if you search "My institution only") or anywhere (if you search "Full database")
    • monitor the online attention given to research published at Kent and create reports
    • benchmark Kent against other institutions

Where the data comes from

What are altmetrics?

Altmetrics are non-traditional metrics that look at things like news, reviews, blogs, social media, or policy documents on the internet to gather information about how your work has been received. They can tell you a lot about how often journal articles and other scholarly outputs like datasets are discussed and used around the world - faster than traditional citation metrics.

Altmetrics are a good way to supplement traditional citation impact metrics, such as impact factor and h-index.



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Last Updated: 05/12/2016