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Kent Data Repository

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The Kent Data Repository is an institutional repository specialising in storing research data securely.

Why use the Kent Data Repository?

The Kent Data Repository:

  • is designed to help others discover and access your work
  • enables you to comply with funders’ and publishers' policies for preserving research data. More information, and other data repositories available
  • allows you to publish and share:
    • data used in a formal publication
    • null data or data not used in a formal publication

Evidence suggests that publishing your data alongside your work makes it more likely to be cited.


Support and training

What you can add to the Kent Data Repository

The repository accepts all types of research data, defined as “any recorded information that supports or validates research observations, findings or outputs.”

Document formats

The Kent Data Repository can store data in a wide variety of formats, but some formats are better than others for long-term preservation of data.

Check our file formats guide. If your data format isn’t on the list, please contact us.

For research outputs not in a digitally preservable form (such as a performance, exhibition, building or sculpture), you should:

  • create a record in KAR
  • upload any accompanying data (such as a video of the performance, photographs of the exhibition, plans of a building, or sketches of the sculpture) to the Kent Data Repository.

Data from your thesis or dissertation

Once you have submitted your thesis, you are welcome to upload your data to the repository if you wish and your funder does not provide their own repository.

When you upload your data

You must:

  • agree to the conditions of use and a deposit agreement
  • include a 'Read Me' file with adequate documentation to enable others to reuse it accurately.

After you upload your data

We will check your records for completeness and make sure they have a 'Read Me' file before adding them to the repository.

Once in the repository, the data will be sent to Arkivum for long-term storage.


When you deposit a file, you declare that it can be lawfully published to the Kent Data Repository and does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any other person or party. See the University's copyright policy and guidelines.



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Last Updated: 04/07/2018