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Students can borrow a laptop to use within the Library from the self-service cabinets in Block B, Ground Floor (near the Library Café), and Block C, Floor 2.

How to borrow a laptop

Press Borrow on the screen on the cabinet and follow the instructions on the screen. You'll need your KentOne card to borrow a laptop.

  • You are responsible for returning it safely, so don't leave it unattended.
  • When you have finished with it, please return it straight away so it can be recharged for others to use.
  • Report any issues to the IT & Library Support Desk (or the Welcome Desk when the Support Desk is closed).
  • Look after yourself (follow these tips on using a laptop safely), and if you're working for a long time use a student PC instead as it's better for your body.


Returning a laptop

  • You need to return it to the same cabinet/shelf as instructed on the screen. This is because not all the power cables are the same.
  • Plug the power cable back in to check it back in against your account. If you want a paper receipt, press Print Receipt.


Frequently asked questions

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What can I access?

You can use a laptop to:

  • access the internet (using Internet Explorer) and email
  • work on your essays using Microsoft Office
  • print to campus printers: you need to use Web Print or install the printer, just like you would if it was a personal laptop
  • access your files and folders on the Kent network.

What if I have technical problems?

Go to the IT & Library Support Desk if you have technical problems with a Library laptop.

What if I need to use a laptop outside the Library?

You cannot take the laptops out of the Library. Some academic departments may have laptops that can be borrowed for presentations - please ask in your department.

Can I install extra or departmental software?

No, you cannot install any extra software on the laptop.

I am a member of staff. Can I borrow a laptop?

No, the service is for students only.

  • If you need a laptop and/or data projector to use in a teaching space, you can take out a day loan from Audio Visual Services.
  • There are no laptops available centrally for long term loan - it's worth asking your department what provision they may offer.

Where should I store my files?

Either in a networked folder such as the Z: drive, or on a memory stick/removable storage device. Files left on the laptop may be wiped from the disk.


Conditions of use

  • You are responsible for the laptop you've borrowed. If you lose it or it gets damaged, we'll ask you to pay for repair or replacement.
  • Don't leave your laptop unattended or take it out of the Library. If you need to leave the Library when you've borrowed a laptop, you must return it.
  • We can't guarantee the battery life of laptops: save your work regularly so you don't lose it if the power runs out.
  • If you use a removable device (eg USB stick) in a laptop, check it for viruses next time you use it in another computer. We regularly update the anti-virus software on laptops, but we can't be responsible for viruses spreading to your device.
  • You must follow the IT and Library regulations.


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Last Updated: 29/03/2018