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Borrowing from the Templeman Library

How to borrow

You need your KentOne card to borrow from the library.

Use a Borrow & Renew machine, available throughout the building for self-service borrowing, or ask for help at the Loan Desk.

What you can borrow

Current students and staff: 40 items in any format (books, multimedia, journals, ...).

Visitors, alumni and former staff: you can apply for borrower membership - prices and number of items vary.

Students and staff from other universities: you can apply for SCONUL access.

Loan periods

We have:

  • 7 day loans: most items, including journals and document delivery books
  • 3 day loans: high demand and multimedia items
  • 1 day loans: laptops and headphones for use in the library
  • reference items: you can only use these in the library.

7 day loans and 3 day loans will be automatically renewed until someone else reserves them or you return them. Document delivery books will be automatically renewed up to 5 times.

If you need a book and all copies are on loan

We encourage you to reserve it! In most cases, you'll be able to get a copy within a week.

Manage your loans and return dates online

You should regularly log into your library account (through LibrarySearch) to keep an eye on your loans.

If someone else reserves an item you have on loan we'll also email you to let you know. If this happens you must return the item on time, or you'll get a fine.


We only fine you if you:

  • don't return a book in time that someone has reserved
  • don't return a document delivery book by the final due date
  • lose or damage a book.

Find out more about fines.

How to return books

Take your books to the return machine on Ground Floor, Block C in the Templeman Library. More return options.



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Last Updated: 02/08/2017