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Extended loans

Part-time students and students with Inclusive Learning Plans (ILPs) get to keep most library items twice as long:

  • 3 day loans for 5 days
  • 7 day loans for 2 weeks.

They will automatically renew 2 days before they are due. If someone reserves an item, you must return it by the due date or you'll get a fine. This can be the next day, if someone reserves the item just before it can auto-renew.

You can renew them manually by logging into your library account. If you're not on campus everyday you can manually renew the items in advance to make sure your next due date is a day you're in.

If you cannot get to campus, you can return it by post. We take the posting date as the date of return so you will not be fined for the days the book is in the post.




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Last Updated: 18/09/2018