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Automatic renewals

7 day loans and 3 day loans will be automatically renewed 2 days before they are due, unless someone else has reserved the item. There is no limit on how often the item will automatically renew.

  • If someone reserves it, you must return it by the due date or you'll get a fine.
  • If you cannot get to campus, you can return it by post. We take the posting date as the date of return so you will not be fined for the days the book is in the post.

Document delivery books will be automatically renewed up to 5 times. You must return them by the final due date or you'll get a fine.

You can also renew your items manually by logging into your library account.


Laptops, headphones, and confined items (like theses) will not automatically renew. You have to return these at the end of the loan period, but may be able to borrow them again straight away.

When you're finished with a book

Please give it back so we can put it back on the shelf for other people to use.

Why automatic renewals?

We want to make your life easy! If no-one else needs the books you have, we won't fine you or make you give them back.

But if someone reserves a book you've borrowed, you'll have to give it back by the end of the loan period.



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Last Updated: 18/09/2018