Modern First and modern poetry collections, University of Kent.

Modern First Editions and Modern Poetry Collections

This collection consists of about 1,300 volumes in total, derived from the bequests of John Crow and Bonamy Dobrée. It has been divided into a prose and a poetry section, the poetry forming part of the Modern Poetry Collection described below.

Modern First Editions Collection (Prose)

This collection includes:

EM Forster Collection

A collection of 70 volumes, all catalogued and incorporated into the Modern First Editions Collection (Prose). All items have the classmark MOF.O75.

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Modern Poetry Collection

In addition to some 450 volumes, many of which came from the library of the late Bonamy Dobrée, this includes:

TS Eliot Collection

157 items, mainly made up from books from the library of Bonamy Dobrée. Many of these were presented and inscribed to him by Eliot. Other copies were added from the Crow Collection and some items, including 'Prufrock', were purchased to complete the collection.

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Valerie Eliot Collection of Contemporary Poetry

A collection of contemporary and recent poetry in English, with an emphasis on that published by small and private presses. These are still being purchased with a donation from Valerie Eliot and are catalogued and integrated with the Modern First Editions Collection (Poetry) as they arrive.

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