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International Students at Kent Law School

Meet some of the many International students who are currently studying law at Kent

Akinbade Mariam Adebola

First year law student from Nigeria

Akinbade Adebola

I choose to study at Kent Law School because I believe it is one of the best school in the UK where the study environment is quiet and conducive to learning. 

Also because of the friendliness of the lecturers, and because of the availability of the practical element for students with the Law Clinic.

It's a great pleasure for me to be a student at Kent Law School.  It's a very interesting school with lots of activities and I am always proud to tell people that I am here.  After I finish my degree I plan on coming back to Kent Law School to do my masters degree.  Then I plan to qualify as a lawyer and return to my country to practise.

Ryan Drakes

Third year law student from Barbados

Ryan Drakes

I had a cousin already enrolled at Kent Law School and she told me that it was a lot like home.  She also told me about the critical focus and the Law Clinic and both of those things stood out from other universities I considered.

I must say that I am not homesick and enjoy it here quiet a bit.  I went to another university before coming to Kent, and in comparison the level of attention students get here is fantastic.  It is almost impossible not to succeed.  I've already recommended Kent to others!

After finishing my degree I plan on doing the Bar Vocational Course in London.

Chioma Esther Nnani

Second year law student from Nigeria

Chioma Nnani

Being a student at Kent Law School is a challenging, interesting and worthwhile experience. The skills and knowledge gained and honed here mean that I not only receive a chance here which I definitely would not have received elsewhere, but also that I get a shot at achieving my dreams. Something that I believe may not have happened if I was elsewhere.  The number of opportunities available to students here are virtually endless and lecturers actually care about your understanding and grasp of the module.

After I finish at Kent I plan on doing further training to become a solicitor-advocate, get involved in a good number of international transactions and make lots of money!

Leonie Kent

Third year law student from Bermuda

Leonie Kent

I choose to study at Kent after studying on the University of Kent law course at Bermuda College. I looked into the University's reputation, the course and the method of teaching and was pleased that it encouraged a critical approach to law. I was also attracted by the location; it is near to London and in the south-east area of England, with Kent known as 'the Garden of England'.  This appealed to me as I lived on an island known for being reasonably warm. I started my first year in Bermuda and entered my second year as a direct entrant to Kent.

Being a student at Kent is challenging, I am encouraged to think outside the box for solutions. I have enjoyed most of my modules, the core modules and the electives (including the clinical option). I am also an ambassador for law which gives me the opportunity to give talks to secondary school students, give tours to visiting groups of students, and this year I will go to schools to advise students.  This activity has given me great joy.  I joined some societies such as ELSA with whom I went to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg - the highlight of my first year. I also joined the University Fencing team; this gave me a different outlook on the practise of law, one can approach in a bold aggressive manner or softly, softly and still score points.

After finishing at Kent I plan to train as a Barrister, with my dream job to be a Crown Prosecutor.  I would really recommend Kent to others because of the fantastic opportunities here. This year I am doing the law clinical option which allows me to do some practical pro-bono work, real cases for real people in our community. Our Law Clinic is an award-winning facility and many law students do not get this opportunity whilst studying for their undergraduate law degree.

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