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The advantages of specialising in Euopean Law at Kent

Kent is Law School is home to the Kent Centre for European and Comparative Law, which organises various guest lecturers and seminars for students. Recent events include an international  conference  on ‘Comparative Law: Engaging Translation’ in June 2012, a postgraduate workshop on comparative law in 2010 with the British Association of Comparative Law (BACL.  In addition, in March 2011 His Honour Judge Arestis, member of the Court of Justice of the EU and a former postgraduate student at Kent University, gave a guest lecture on European Union legal integration. In May 2011 and 2012, LLM students from Kent Law School undertook sponsored  study visits to the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg (pictured above), attending a specially organised programme in which they were present at judicial hearings and were given a presentations about the working of the Court.

The University’s Templeman Library is a recognised European Documentation Centre and has extensive online and hard copy access to a wide variety of academic and other documentary sources on European legal and political integration.  

This specialisation is suitable for a wide range of graduate students. Not only does it offer an excellent grounding for those wishing to practise professionally or deepen their professional knowledge as lawyers or administrators in fields concerned with EU law and policy, it also provides an excellent opportunity in particular for those interested in pursuing an academic related career involving research and teaching concerning areas relating to European legal integration. The specialisation will be of particular interest to those prospective students whose first language is not English and who are considering applying for career positions within the European Union institutions, taking into account that English is one of the core working languages of the European Commission.

Kent Law Staff and the European Law Specialisation

At Kent Law School we are fortunate to have a number of members of the academic teaching law staff with excellent research profiles in areas involving European Law. These include notably Professor Geoffrey Samuel, Professor Anneli Albi, Dr Simone Glanert, Dr Bernard Ryan and Dr Anneli Albi, who have written and researched extensively in a number of areas involving European Law, including on comparative legal scholarship within Europe, EU migration law and on constitutional aspects of the Union. In addition, Professor William Howarth and Martin Hedemann-Robinson have research and legal professional expertise inter alia in the area of EU environmental law and policy.  A number of other members of the academic law staff have strong research links with European Law, including Dr Harm Schepel and Dr Yutaka Arai who have undertaken research projects in relation to the EU common market and European human rights protection.

Most recently, Professor Albi has been awarded a five year prestigious grant from the  European Research Council for a five-year research project titled ‘The Role and Future of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance’.

For more details on the profiles of members of the academic law staff at Kent Law School, you may wish to consult the following weblink:

European Law internship possibilities (summer)

By way of complement to their studies, during the summer term or vacation period students may consider undertaking a brief internship with a public or private organisation whose work involves the practical application of European Law. For instance, a number of the institutions and other bodies of the European Union and Council of Europe offer (usually unpaid) short periods of traineeships in particular for graduate students (between 1-3 months typically). 

In addition to offering invaluable professional experience, such a research or work placement may well constitute a very useful complement to a student’s research work for their dissertation, depending on the nature of the research and terms of the internship. 

Students interested in undertaking such an internship, which is not a formal integral part of the Master’s programme, are advised to contact the Programme Convenor (see contact details below) for further advice and information at an early stage of the academic year. Whilst Kent Law School is unable to guarantee internships, or offer funding or formal accreditation for such a placement, the Programme Convenor is able to offer informal advice to students interested in applying to organisations with applications for an internship in the summer period.

Guest talks and seminars on EU Law for LLM students

EU Talk: LLM European Law and Environmental Law Seminar Series


Economic and Monetary Union and Constitutional Challenges

Dr Samo Bardutzky, Research Associate at Kent Law School since 2013, gave the first guest talk in the spring term series of EU Law seminars to University staff and LLM students on 10th February 2014.

Related to his research project on the role and Future of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance’, his talk on ‘Economic and Monetary Union and Constitutional Challenges’ dealt with the responses of the EU to the sovereign debt crisis in 2008, including judicial reactions amongst the Union’s member states.  After considering the nature and impact of the establishment of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), Dr Bardutzky focused on the role and the reactions of various national constitutional courts of the EU member states and that of European Court of Justice to it, as well as on its implications for national sovereignty. The talk ended with a critical discussion of the EU Monetary Union and its future.

We sincerely thank Dr Bardutzky for his enriching talk and for sharing his point of view with the attendees.


Read about the experience of Kent European Law Alumnus Julien De Cruz

“I followed the European Law LLM at Kent University in 2007. There, I was able to learn in a friendly atmosphere core European Law topics such as the functioning of the internal market, EU competition law and European migration law but was also given the opportunity to choose subjects belonging to other LLM programmes such as international environmental law and international trade law. This enabled me to have a multidisciplinary approach to my subject but also to be able to determine more precisely on which topic I wanted to write for my dissertation. My interested laid more in environmental law and I chose to write about the European Environmental Liability Directive. I was able to discuss thoroughly my choice with my supervisor and I remember the writing of my dissertation as a demanding but very positive experience. I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in teaching seminars during which we were encouraged to share critical point of views.

I think this LLM programme, in addition to offer in-depth knowledge of European Law, is also well recognised within European institutions and interest groups as Kent University enjoys a good reputation among employers in Brussels. I thus moved to Belgium shortly after graduating and I was able to follow internships in law firms dealing with environmental, health and safety regulation. I started work when the European industry faced challenges to comply with the EU chemicals legislation (the REACH Regulation.)  I am now working at the Environment Directorate General of the European Commission on legal issues concerning the implementation of REACH. I was pleased to see that my first days at the European Commission were made easier by the good knowledge of the decision making process of the EU acquired at Kent but I think what I learned as far as environmental law and policy is concerned also made me look at my work with a critical eye. This creativity, I believe, is always valuable especially in the public sector.”

My first days at the European Commission were made easier by the good knowledge of the decision making process of the EU acquired at Kent but I think what I learned as far as environmental law and policy is concerned also made me look at my work with a critical eye.


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