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LLB, PhD, MRIA, Barrister-at-Law

Research Interests

Policing and Criminal Justice; Criminal Procedure; Human Rights; European Criminal Law and Procedure

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Walsh, D. (2016). Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility in the Republic of Ireland: A Legacy of Vested Interests and Political Expediency. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 67:373-386.
Walsh, D. (2016). Police Complaints Procedures in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Why are the reforms not working? European Police Science and Research Bulletin:48-57.
Walsh, D. (2013). Liability for Garda Negligence in the Prevention and Investigation of Crime. Irish Jurist [Online] XLIX:1-28. Available at:
Walsh, D. and Conway, V. (2011). Current Developments in Police Governance and Accountability in Ireland. Crime, Law and Social Change [Online] 55:241-257. Available at:
Walsh, D. and Conway, V. (2011). Police Governance and Accountability: Overview of Current Issues. Crime, Law and Social Change [Online] 55:61-86. Available at:
Walsh, D. (2011). Police Liability for a Negligent Failure to Prevent Crime: Enhancing Accountability by Clearing the Public Policy Fog. King's Law Journal [Online] 22:27-55. Available at:
Book section
Walsh, D. (2013). Erasing the Distinction between Anti-terrorist and Criminal Justice Measures in Ireland: Past and Present. in: Masferrer, A. and Walker, C. eds. Counter-Terrorism, Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Crossing Legal Boundaries in Defence of the State. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 212-237.
Walsh, D. (2012). The Emergence of an EU Criminal Process. in: Bacik, I. and Heffernan, L. eds. Criminal Law and Procedure Review. Dublin: First Law.
Walsh, D. (2016). Walsh on Criminal Procedure. Dublin: Thomson Round Hall.
Walsh, D. (2018). Adapting the Police Authority Concept to a Centralised National Police Service: Appearance over Substance in the Republic of Ireland? Modern Law Review.
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Teaching and Supervision

Teaching Interests:

Criminal Justice and Procedure; Human Rights; European and Comparative Law; European Criminal Law and Procedure.

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Other Academic Activities

External Appointments:

Member, Inn of Court of Northern Ireland, 1983 - 

Member, Irish Association of Law Teachers, 1983 -

Member, Society of Legal Scholars, 1992 -


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