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Eleanor's research interests include:

  • Hobbes, Rights Theory and the History of Rights Theory
  • Political Theory
  • Moral Theory
  • Jurisprudence

Major research projects

  • Monograph "Reclaiming the Rights of the Hobbesian Subject" Palgrave Publishers, supported in latter stages by a grant of £9,000 from the Shelagh Anne Venning Trust,.
  • Cogntive Tasks for Driving a Brain-computer Interfacing System, research project in Brain-computer Interface Systems supported by a grant of £22,000 by the Neuro-disability Research Trust, 1999-2000.

Research Areas: Hobbes, Seventeenth Century Political Thought, Rights Theory and the History of Rights Theory.

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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Curran, E. (2013). An Immodest Proposal: Hobbes Rather than Locke Provides a Forerunner for Modern Rights Theory Roseneil, S. ed. Law and Philosophy [Online] 32:515-538. Available at:
Curran, E. (2012). Hobbes on Equality: Context, Rhetoric, Argument. Hobbes Studies [Online] 25:166-187. Available at:
Curran, E. (2010). Blinded by the Light of Hohfeld: Hobbes's Notion of Liberty. Jurisprudence: An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought 1:85-104.
Book section
Curran, E. (2017). Hobbes Comes out for Equal Marriage. in: Courtland, S. D. ed. Hobbesian Applied Ethics and Public Policy. London: Routledge. Available at:
Curran, E. (2013). Hobbes's Theory of Rights: A New Application. in: Lloyd, S. A. ed. Hobbes Today: Insights for the 21st Century. Cambridge University Press, pp. 25-48. Available at:
Curran, E. (2012). Hobbes in the History of Rights Theory. in: Lloyd, S. A. ed. The Bloomsbury Companion to Hobbes. Bloomsbury Academic. Available at:
Curran, E. (2014). 'Comments on Larry May's 'Limiting Leviathan: Hobbes on Law and International Affairs'. Hobbes Studies 27:178-184.
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Teaching and Supervision

Undergraduate modules

  • Critical Introduction to Law (LW307)
  • Morality and Law (LW604) - course convenor
  • Medical Ethics and Law (LW519)
  • Legal Ethics (LW617) - course convenor


Eleanor is happy to supervise in the areas of Hobbes, Rights Theory, Social Contract Theory, Philosophy of Law, Analytical Jurisprudence.

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Other Academic Activities

Editorial Work

  • Referee for Hobbes Studies.
  • Referee for the American Philosophical Society.
  • Referee for Law and Philosophy.
  • Referee for Harvard Law Review.
  • Referee for Social Theory and Practice.
  • Referee for Philosophers' Imprint.

Professional Societies

  • Society for Legal Scholars (Council member)
  • The American Philosophical Association
  • British Society for the History of Philosophy
  • The International Hobbes Association


Eleanor is Senior Tutor and Peer Review Coordinator. She is also Research Ethics Officer and chair of the Research Ethics Advisory Group (REAG) for KLS.

Also, member of The University Research Ethics and Governance Committee, the Faculty Ethics Committee for Research council Grants, and the KLS International Committee.


Eleanor is a member of the AHRC Centre for Law, Gender & Sexuality

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