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Helen's research interests lie primarily in the fields of Housing, Social Welfare and Public Law. She is interested in the regulation of the poor especially the homeless, the asylum seeker, the anti-social and those in need of care. Helen is particularly concerned with the gendered and racialised dimensions of regulation. She is currently completing a book on the governance of housing from the 1830s.

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Book section
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Conference or workshop item
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Edited book
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Research report (external)
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Confidential report
Kirton-Darling, E. et al. (2017). Closing the Gaps: Health and Safety in Housing. Shelter.
Kirton-Darling, E. and Carr, H. (2016). Homeless Veterans in London: Investigating Housing Responsibilities. Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee, London region.
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Teaching and Supervision

Undergraduate Modules

  • Legal Process (LW308)
  • Property Law (LW501)
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law (LW503)
  • Public Law 1
  • Public Law 2
  • Director of Learning and Teaching


Helen is happy to supervise work in the areas of Social Welfare and Housing.

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Other Academic Activities

Editorial Work

Feminist Legal Studies - Editorial Collective member 2006 to date. Book reviews editor 2010-

Professional Societies

  • Law Society
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association Ordinary member from 2000 (Member of Executive 2001 - 4 and 2006 -7)
  • Legal Action Board (Member of Board 2002 - 7)
  • Canterbury Housing Advice Centre (Board member 2007 ongoing)

External Appointments

  • Chairman of Residential Property Tribunal (part time),
  • Honorary Legal Advisor to the Social Fund Independent Review Service.


Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning

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