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  Lecturer in Law  



  • Magaisa, A. (2011). Constitutionality versus Constitutionalism: Lessons for Zimbabwe’s constitutional reform process. OPENSPACE Journal [PDF]. Available at: http://www.osisa.org/openspace/zimbabwe/constitutionality-versus-constitutionalism.
  • Magaisa, A. (2003). Clean Hands? Thou hath blood on your hands” – A Critique of the Supreme Court Judgment in the ANZ Case. International Journal of Civil Society Law [Online] 1:93-96. Available at: http://www.iccsl.org/pubs/index_journal.html.
  • Magaisa, A. (2003). “Judicial Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Case-note on the case of Minister of Health and others v Treatment Action Campaign and others (No 2) 2002 (5) SA 721 (CC). Journal of African Law [Online] 47:117-125. Available at: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=170237&fulltextType=XX&fileId=S0221855303002013.
    Clearly, one of the greatest challenges that faces sub–Saharan Africa is the AIDS pandemic. The Human Immuno–Deficiency Virus (HIV), which causes AIDS, continues to spread at an alarming rate. In South Africa the statistics relating to the AIDS disease are staggering. With the greatest impact on the young and economically active population, it is estimated that without firm action, it will be an epidemic of catastrophic proportions, which will break up the foundations of socio–economic life. Against this background, the need for combative measures and strategies to deal with the problem is not in doubt. Civil society groups have taken an active interest in this issue and some, like Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), have conducted campaigns for access to quality health services. Recently, the Constitutional Court of South Africa was faced with an important case involving AIDS, pitting civil society groups on one side and the government of South Africa on the other. At the centre of the dispute was the South African government's response and policy towards combating the spread of the disease through mother–to–child transmission at birth.

Book section

  • Magaisa, A. (2013). A Mother’s Heart. In: Menozzi, F., Kemal, B. and Mushakavanhu, T. eds. Visa Stories: Experiences Between Law and Migration. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
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  • Magaisa, A. (2003). Is the road to England clear? - Suing Multinational Corporate Groups for Corporate torts in the wake of the Lubbe decision. In: MacMillan, F. ed. International Corporate Law. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
    Book Abstract: The "International Corporate Law" series is dedicated to the publication of scholarly writing on issues in the area of international and comparative corporate law. This volume looks at theoretical issues, with selected country reports.

Internet publication

  • Magaisa, A. (2018). Zimbabwe’s Presidential Petition: The Standard of Proof [online article]. Available at: http://ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk/zimbabwes-presidential-petition-the-standard-of-proof/.
  • Musoro, L., Madziva, C. and Magaisa, A. (2010). Building Bridges Between Host and Home: The Zimbabwean Diaspora in the UK [Internet]. Available at: http://www.surrey.ac.uk/cronem/files/conf2010papers/Musoro.pdfhttp://www.surrey.ac.uk/cronem/files/conf2010papers/Musoro.pdf.


  • Magaisa, A. (2010). • The Land Question and Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe: Law, Force and History’s Multiple Victims. Oxford Transitional Justice Research.
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