Portrait of Dr Nayeli Urquiza Haas

Dr Nayeli Urquiza Haas

Wellcome Trust Research Associate


Dr. Urquiza Haas is a Research Associate for the Wellcome Trust project "Law, knowledges and the making of 'modern healthcare'", led by Professor Emilie Cloatre and funded by the Wellcome Investigator Award (2017-2022). This five-year project interrogates the challenges that regulators face in determining the boundaries of legitimacy in healthcare, and how to organise practices that fall outside of biomedicine. The approach is socio-legal and cross-jurisdictional. It focuses on three sub-regions (and six case studies) where policy conversations have been particularly intense, and current regulatory systems remarkably varied: Western Europe (France/England). 

In 2016, she completed the postdoctoral research funded by the Witteveen Memorial Fellowship in Law and Humanities, granted by Tilburg University. This project critiqued the logic underpinning refugee status determination procedures drawing on legal and philosophical analysis on vulnerability, acoustics and vocality. The project appears in the Special double issue “Translating Law,” published in the Tilburg Law Review.

She graduated from Kent Law School in 2015. Her doctoral research, funded by the Kent Law School research scholarships (2010-2015) contested traditional concepts and practices in criminal law through interdisciplinary analysis of vulnerability and gender. It examined the case of women who act as drug mules and have been sentenced for drug importation offences in England and Wales. Drawing on an extensive analysis of sentencing appeals (1980-2014), she argued that the law generally abjects vulnerability claims, in order to safeguard the contours of the legal person. The thesis was supervised by Professor Joanne Connaghan and Dr. Jennifer Fleetwood. Key findings have been published in the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law-Revue Internationale de Semiotique Juridique and the Howard Journal of Crime and Justice

She originally studied a Combined Honours Bachelor in Journalism and Contemporary Studies at the University of Kings College (Halifax, Canada) and a Master in Arts in International Relations at the Webster University (Vienna, Austria). Prior to her academic career, she worked in the NGO and news media sectors.

Research interests

She is interested in feminist legal studies, critical plant studies, history of medicine and the law, traditional medicines, science and technology studies (STS), regulation and governance studies, and the intersection between drug policies and laws with the regulation of traditional herbal medicines.

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