Portrait of Dr Eleanor Curran

Dr Eleanor Curran

Senior Lecturer in Law


Dr Curran earned her PhD in philosophy at the City University of New York (CUNY) in 1998. She was a teaching fellow and tutor at King’s College London from 1998 to 2001 and a research philosopher at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability from 1999-2000, working on Brain Computer Interface systems. She then took up a post as lecturer in the law department at Keele University, specialising in medical ethics and law. She moved to Kent Law School in 2006 and published a monograph on Thomas Hobbes’s theory of rights in 2007. She regularly publishes articles on Hobbes’s political philosophy and is an active member of the International Hobbes Association and the European Hobbes Society. 

Dr Curran is currently writing a monograph on the philosophy and jurisprudence of rights.

Dr Curran has an interest in legal ethics and developed and convenes one of the first courses on legal ethics to be taught as part of an undergraduate law degree at a British university.

Research interests

Dr Curran’s research interests include: the political philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, early modern political thought, the philosophy and jurisprudence of individual rights, the history of rights theory, legal ethics, moral philosophy and jurisprudence. 


Dr Curran principally teaches Undergraduates in the area of Morality, Ethics and the Law.


I am happy to supervise PhD students writing on: Hobbes, early modern political philosophy, rights theory, the history of rights theory, jurisprudence.

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