Portrait of Professor William Howarth

Professor William Howarth

Emeritus Professor of Environmental Law
Coordinator of LLM studies in International Environmental Law and Policy.


William (Bill) Howarth, B.A., LL.M., MIFM, CE, FRSA, FCIWEM is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Law in Kent Law School at the University of Kent and Coordinator of International Environmental Law and Policy LLM teaching. He is a past Editor of the Journal of Water Law and author of several books on the law relating to water pollution, fisheries, aquaculture, watercourses, flood risk management and ecological conservation of the aquatic environment, and author of over 100 reports, monographs, and academic journal articles on diverse aspects of water and environmental law. He is Honorary Legal Adviser to the Institute of Fisheries Management, the Regional Representative for the International Association for Water Law, a member of the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association, the Agricultural Law Association and a former member of the Committee of Fish Legal


Bill's teaching responsibilities span Environmental Law (undergraduate), Environmental Quality Law (postgraduate), European Union Environmental Law and Policy (postgraduate) and Land Development and Conservation Law (postgraduate).


Supervision is offered for applicants interested in any area of environmental and ecological law with a national and/ EU dimension, particularly in areas relating to Bill’s research (see Kent Academic Repository on this).


As noted above, Bill engages with the Institute of Fisheries Management, the International Association for Water Law, the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association and the Agricultural Law Association.

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