Matthew Weait

Matthew Weait is Senior Lecturer in Law and Legal Studies at Birkbeck College. His research centres on the impact of law on people living with HIV and AIDS. He has written widely in this area and his book, Intimacy and Responsibility: the Criminalisation of HIV Transmission (Abingdon: Routledge-Cavendish), was published in 2007. Matthew is also interested more generally in the legal construction of harm, and has published a number of articles and chapters on the criminal law's response to S/M. At Birkbeck, Matthew is a co-ordinator of the MA/MSc in Gender, Sexuality, Politics and Culture. His participation in the feminist judgments project reflects his interest not only in sexuality but in the relationship between creativity and legal scholarship, something he is pursuing in the context of an MA in Creative Writing.

Matthew has written the commentary for Brown