Welcome to the Feminist Judgments Project

The Feminist Judgments Project is a dynamic and innovative research project in which a group of feminist socio-legal scholars have written alternative feminist judgments in a series of significant cases in English law. Rather than simply critiquing existing judgments, the participants have put 'theory into practice' by engaging in a practical, 'real world' exercise of judgment-writing, subject to the same constraints that bind appellate judges. In doing so, they have pioneered a new form of critical socio-legal scholarship, which seeks to demonstrate in a sustained and disciplined way how judgments could have been written and cases could have been decided differently.

The Feminist Judgments Project was funded by a grant from the ESRC and is being led by Rosemary Hunter (University of Kent) and Clare McGlynn and Erika Rackley (Durham University).

The feminist judgments are now published in Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice (Hart Publishing September 2010).