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Portuguese Study Options

This page acts as a portal for all the Portuguese study options at the University of Kent. On it you will find information about current courses which are available across the University.

Prtuguese is currently offered as a Language Express course by the Centre for English & World Languages (CEWL).

The table below will help you to see which learning opportunities are available and how you can find further details that you may need.

Course Further information/link Departmental website Contact email
Beginners Portuguese Language Express Language Express CEWL Email Language Express
Post-Beginners Portuguese Language Express Language Express CEWL Email Language Express



Why Choose Portuguese?

Portuguese is spoken in eight countries on four continents. Counties where Portuguese is spoken include, Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, and São Tomé and Principe. It is estimated that Portuguese is spoken by more than 200 million people. Portugal is reported to be the 16th most visited country in the world, however, it is also a country renowned for its history and culture which can be traced back to the 13th Century. In terms of population Brazil is the fifth largest country both in land mass and population. In many respects, Brazil can be considered to be the industrial and economic powerhouse of Latin America. Brazil has a vibrant culture and a historic tradition of music, and art of global significance.

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What should I do next?

Click on the links for the courses that you are interested in and use the information on the relevant departmental homepage to help find the details you are looking for.

How do I get more information?

You may be able to apply online for some courses but if you need more specific details use the contact email address which appears next to your preferred course and email the department directly.

I can't still find the information I'm looking for. What should I do?

Please contact the Centre for English and World Languages. You can call CEWL on (+44) 01227 824401. We will be delighted to help you find the course that meets your needs and guide you towards the relevant department which provides it.



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