Networks and Initiatives

Man presenting an ICE lecture to a business audience
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Networks and Initiatives

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Woman presenting at the HR conference
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Supporting Kent's HR Community

The Kent HR Network is an initiative focused on facilitating knowledge exchange between the academic community at the University of Kent and HR professionals, both locally and nationally.   

Celebrating Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE)

Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE) are three intertwined concepts that for many organisations represent the principles of competitive advantage. They are equally relevant in the business environment regardless of sector, size or business focus.

ICE opens up opportunities to share innovative and creative ideas, provoke discussion and debate on innovative solutions to business problems and growth.ICE champions value-added, multi-disciplinary collaboration between academia and business, addressing some of the key issues that all organisations face. This approach inspires creativity, innovation and enterprising ways of working.

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Inspire, Challenge, Excel Programme (ICE-P)

ICE-P was established to create opportunities for women to try something new, influence others to go beyond their comfort zone, work together to effect change and work in partnership with established professional bodies and organisations to provide as wide a support programme as possible.

Our Commitment to Knowledge Exchange

Piloted in 2020 and led by Research England, the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) forms the third pillar of assessment of university activities, alongside the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Alongside the KEF, we have signed up to a Knowledge Exchange Concordat (KEC) of good principles and practice, confirming our intention to embed KE at Kent.