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Frequently asked questions


Below are a number of frequently asked questions

How do I get a KentOne card?

Your KentOne card is your student or staff card, so you do not require a second card for cashless purchasing.

If you are a staff member without a KentOne card, you will need to see your Departmental Adminstrator or complete the online form here.

For staff based at Medway please visit Medway building reception between 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm Monday to Friday.

Where can I use my KentOne card to save 10% on food and drink purchases?

See where you can use your KentOne card with a 10% discount and other places on both the Canterbury and Medway campuses you can use it as a cashless card to purchase items.

How do I keep my KentOne card account in credit?

The simplest way is to top up online.

Alternatively, your card can be topped up by credit or debit card by phoning Kent Hospitality on 01227 827434 or 823979 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, during term time).

Can I use my KentOne card as soon as I have topped it up?

Yes, as soon as you have topped up online, your funds will be available to use.

What is meant by the term 'purse' and why are there multiple purses?

Your cashless purse is what is available for you to spend.  This will be what you or your family and friends have topped up for you to use.

Other purses such as ‘compensation’ or ‘bursary’ exist, but funds are added to these by the University of Kent and are non-refundable.

Why am I having problems topping up online using Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge?

Due to an error on the supplier's website there are intermittent issues when trying to top up online using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers. While they are working to fix the problem we recommend using an alternative internet browser to top up. We apologise for the inconvenience

In what order does my cashless money get spent?

Any bursary or compensation funds will be automatically deducted first as these funds are non-refundable.

Can I get back any unused money on my card?

If you still have funds on your cashless purse once you leave the University, then please email to arrange for a refund. 

Please note, all compensation and bursary funds are non-refundable.

What happens if left unclaimed on my account?

You will have 12 months from the time you leave the University to claim any unused funds for money you have put on your card itself.  After this period, we will put any unused money towards a hardship bursary fund set up by Kent Hospitality.

How do I see what has been spent on my card?

Log onto the online portal and click on ‘Recent Activity’.

What happens if I lose my KentOne card?

If you lose your card you can log into the portal and mark your card as lost, to prevent anyone else using it.

How do I get a replacement KentOne card?

You must go to the KentOne Reception at the Student Records Desk in the Registry as soon as possible. Any balance on your card will be transferred over to your replacement card.
Opening hours are:

  • Term time:  09.00 - 17.00, Monday to Friday
  • Vacations:   09.00 - 13.00, Monday to Friday

If you are a staff member requiring a replacement card, you will need to see your Departmental Administrator or complete the online form here.

For staff based at Medway please email

Will I be charged for a replacement KentOne card?

In certain cirumstances yes*:

  • For damaged cards - a first replacement card will be issued free of charge and subsequent replacements will be charged.
  • For lost cards - there is a replacement charge fee.
  • For stolen cards - there is no charge for a replacement card, providing you have a crime reference number (given to you by the police when you report a theft to them). If you have no crime reference number then a replacement charge will apply.

*please note that we are not able to take cash

What if my KentOne card doesn't work at the tills?

If your card has been working fine and suddenly stops, it is more than likely damaged and needs replacing at the KentOne Reception at the Registry.
If your card has never worked for catered meals or cashless, it could well need setting up. In this instance email and a member of the team will investigate and ask you to pop over to the office if necessary with your KentOne card.

If I am living in catered accommodation, do I require a seperate card?

No, your vouchers will be activated on your KentOne card and you will be able to see these on the portal.  Your vouchers will expire at the end of each day and do not carry over.  This is the same for purchased meal deals.
Please note, the Bed & Bistro package for residents of Keynes College and Becket Court will be added to the room fob.

Do I have to spend my Meal Deal vouchers in one transaction?

No, each meal deal package offers your daily spend in two vouchers.  You can use one at a time and settle any difference in price by cash or debit/credit card if available.



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