Kent One Card

Kent One Card The One Card For Kent

About the KentOne card


The KentOne card is produced by Kent Hospitality and is the University of Kent staff and student ID card.

Students can use the KentOne card to gain entry to the examinations hall and participate in student elections. If you have any meal entitlement with your accommodation, this will be added to your KentOne card. Students must carry their KentOne card with them at all times and should show it to staff members, including Campus Security on request. This is to assist in maintaining a safe campus environment for the benefit of all.

Both staff and students can benefit from using their KentOne card for cashless payments on both Canterbury and Medway campuses.

Why use your KentOne card as a cashless payment card


  • Saves you money – every time you use it, we give you a 10% discount. This is an exclusive offer to KentOne card users, both staff and students.
  • Safe and secure – instead of carrying round cash, you can top up your card online and if you lose it, the balance will be transferred over to a replacement card.
  • Saves you time get through the tills more quickly by using your KentOne card instead of cash, debit or credit card.


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Last Updated: 02/09/2019