Portrait of Dr Anoosheh Rostamkalaei

Dr Anoosheh Rostamkalaei

Lecturer Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Dr. Anoosheh Rostamkalaei (she/her) joined Kent Business School in September 2021 as a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Anoosheh received her PhD in Management from Lancaster University. Prior to joining KBS, Anoosheh worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and Statistics Canada. Her research has been supported by grants and fellowships from Canada’s Social Science and Human Research Council and the University of Ottawa.

She is currently an adjunct professor at University of Ottawa and a deemed employee of Statistics Canada.

Prior to resuming her graduate studies at PhD level, Anoosheh received a BSc in Industrial Engineering and MSc in Management and worked as an investment and system analyst.  

Research interests

Anoosheh’s research spans two themes: entrepreneurial finance and inclusive entrepreneurship.

In the first theme, her principal interest is in understanding how small firms search and secure external finance and how finance-related decisions affect the performance of businesses. Additionally, she employs the theoretical framework of financial literacy in analyzing entrepreneur’s financial decisions. 

The second research theme is particularly concerned with the mechanisms through which entrepreneurship could lead to more social inclusion or exacerbate inequality. Anoosheh is interested to understand the interaction of entrepreneurship and the well-being of different groups of society (immigrants, marginalized groups, women, freelancers): what are the consequences of self-employment on the well-being of individuals, and how entrepreneurs’ contingencies interact with the performance of their businesses.


Anoosheh is currently module convener and lecturer at undergraduate and graduate level including Create your own enterprise (BUSN7420), New Enterprise Development (BUSX5019) and Digital Innovation and New Media Management (BUSN9102). She has taught courses in entrepreneurship and business statistics.


  • Deemed employee of Statistics Canada
  • Member of Academy of Management  
  • Member of Global Partnership for Poverty & Entrepreneurship
  • Approved researcher of the Office of National Statistics
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