Portrait of Dr Dan Petrovici

Dr Dan Petrovici

Senior Lecturer in Marketing


Dr Dan Alex Petrovici received his PhD in Marketing and MSc in International Marketing from Newcastle University.
Dan is an Expert-Reviewer for the European Commission and Visiting Professor at the Académie Nancy-Metz (France) and the University of Navarra (Spain). He held appointments such as Rapporteur on Food Safety and Security to the National Authority of Scientific Research and the Cabinet Office, Romania. 

Research interests

  • Marketing communications (advertising, product placement, sponsorship).
  • Cross-cultural marketing (validation of marketing models across cultures).
  • Consumer behaviour (consumer processing of health-related information, behavioural change, interactions between advertising, personal values and pester power).

Dan's work has been published in journals such as International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Policy, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy and British Medical Council Public Health.
Dan reviews for several academic journals and research councils. He serves on the Advisory Board of Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods and the Journal of Economic Studies and Research.
He was awarded The Diploma of Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for Excellence in Research. 

Research grants

  • Academy of Marketing: Consumers Attitudes to Advertising in Emerging Markets
  • European Commission Sixth Framework Programme: Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods in the New EU Member States
  • Ministry of Education, Research and Youth (Romania): The Development of a Model of Organic Food Consumer Behaviour aimed at Establishing New Marketing Methods and Instruments to be used by Producers in Enhancing Competitiveness. 


Dan's teaching interests include marketing analysis and marketing communications.


Dan welcomes PhD proposals in the following areas: marketing communications, cross-cultural marketing, advertising in emerging economies and consumer behaviour.

Past Supervisees

  • Fong Yee Chan: The Effectiveness of Product Placement in Films Across Cultures: The Role of Prominence, Brand Awareness, Prior Disclosure and Depth of Processing
  • Bryn Walton: The Determinants of Successful New Product Launches
  • Eappen Thiruvattal: Perceived customer value of insurance services
  • Ying-Ying Liao: The Influence of Mixed Bundling on Impulsive Buying Behaviour: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Liuchen Guo: The Effect of Culture on Store Brand Purchasing Behaviour: A Comparative Study of UK and China Supermarket Shoppers
  • Fred Yamoah: The Role of Personal Values in the Supermarket Purchasing Behaviour for Fair Trade food Products in the UK
  • MD Rajibul Hasan: Consumer Adoption of Pro-poor Innovations in the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Riadh Salhi: An Investigation into the Influence that Social and Physical Anti-Smoking Threat Appeals have upon Adolescent Behavioural Responses
  • Kalliopi Konsolaki: Comparative Advertising Effectiveness: A Cross-Cultural Study


  • Fellow of The European Academy of Marketing,
  • Fellow of the European Academy of Advertising
  • Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science and
  • Member of the Centre for Value Chain Research (University of Kent).

Commercial experience includes positions with FESSEL-GfK where Dan worked for clients such as Unilever, McDonald's and Coca Cola. 

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