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Professor George Chryssochoidis

Professor of Marketing


Professor George Chryssochoidis is currently Professor of Marketing at Kent Business School, University of Kent. Previously, he was Head of Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy at Norwich Business School. He holds a BSc Business Administration (Piraeus University), a DESS in Export Trade (University of Paris II), an MPhil in Management (Bath University) and a PhD in Industrial and Business Studies (Warwick University, UK). His MPhil (p/t) dissertation was on ‘Export Competitiveness of Greek Food Manufacturing’) and his PhD (p/t) dissertation was on ‘Causes of Delays in International New Product Rollouts’.
Most of his current work relates to responsible and effective business decision-making aiming to generate lessons for better management practices and public policy actions. Essentially a modeller he concentrates on consumer choices/ decision-making (primarily in the food and energy sectors) and development of innovative quantitative methodologies. Specifically, he studies product information-based innovations, product labelling innovations, product packaging innovations and product/service innovations, usually in a multi-country or multi-group context regarding health-enhancement (through food) and energy-efficiency. His work also covers the management of new product rollouts & innovations. He also develops new modelling/analytical approaches. These include the modelling and simultaneous estimation of experiment-based and survey-based attitudinal data; mediated moderation phenomena; and comparison of approaches to handle endogeneity in survey data or hybrid choice models.
His work has benefited public policy and marketing action and has had important societal and public policy impact for both better consumer food choices and energy efficiency renovations. He has published over 45 peer-reviewed articles (two 4*, several 3*, several 2* Journal outlets), 2 books, 10 chapters in books, 4 edited books and tens of conferences and has (mid-2015) 1553 Google citations: h-index: 20, and an i10-index: 30. 

Research interests

An experienced research team leader, he has been successful with a total of about 25 funded projects (totalling about UKP 2 million) awarded on open call/competitive calls. These are grouped into 3 categories: 

Funded academic research projects: European Commission – FP5-6-7 where he held several positions as partner, Task or WorkPackage Leader (with multiple university or industrial partners). These include among others:

  • Condor
  • Informall
  • Safe Foods
  • Trace (WorkPackage on Consumer Behaviour Leader)
  • Europrevall (Task Leader)
  • Chill-On
  • Hector
  • Prosafebeef
  • Flabel (WorkPackage on Liking of Labels Leader).  

Funded research leading to actual industrial new product development: European Commission – FP6: QPROCHAINS (WorkPackage Leader: New Product Development for the Pork industry) 

Funded research Network of Excellence becoming a Sustainable Entity: European Commission – FP6: EuroFIR – WorkPackage Leader on Sustainability & EuroFIR AISBL 

He has also recently successfully completed a 2011-2014 UKERC funded project as Principal Investigator on UK homeowners' decisions to renovate. The results clarify the public policy and providers' marketing strategies for the uptake of energy-efficient renovations by UK homeowners (responsible for ~40% of UK greenhouse gas emissions). 


Professor Chryssochoidis has supervised to completion doctoral and post-doctoral research projects providing support before, during and after the project completion, hence facilitating the process of 'becoming' an academic (all his previous students have now positions across all academic). He is interested in consumer judgements and especially issues relating to judgemental error (="Is that wrong? I thought that.....") and the effects of cognitive biases on judgement. He is also highly interested in combining theory with new analytical methodologies (for instance on linking experiments and survey-based data or the implementation of Bayesian approaches in consumer behaviour issues).
He is also interested in blending alternative, competing and contrasting theories for a better explanation of packaging information-based purchasing or unhealthy behaviours. His work is primarily quantitative involving quantitative modelling, so pre-conditions for acceptance would include some solid statistical and research methodology background combined ideally with a psychological (social psychology or cognitive psychology) knowledge.  

Supervision topics

Aspects around packaging and packaging related information particularly in areas which have strong societal and public policy interest. Examples of such areas can be food and nutrition labelling and non-branding issues, but they can extend to any topic that matters in terms of unhealthy behaviours.  

Current Supervisees

Past supervisees

  • Li Zhou: 'Product/Brand Lookalikes', 2016 
  • Y. Kim: 'Organisational Structures of Marketing Channels'. Now Lecturer at University Essex, UK, 2014 
  • D. Doussios: 'Entrepreneurship, Ambidexterity, Capabilities, Resources'. Now Lecturer at University of East Anglia, UK, 2010 
  • A. Drichoutis: 'Consumer Behaviour towards Nutrition Labels'. Now Assistant Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, 2008 
  • C. Karelakis: 'Export Marketing of Greek Wine Firms'. Now Assistant Professor at University of Thrace, Greece, 2004 
  • A. Krystallis: 'Consumer Behaviour towards Agricultural and Food Biotechnology'. Now Professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, 2001 
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