Portrait of Dr Dinara Davlembayeva

Dr Dinara Davlembayeva

Lecturer in Marketing


Dinara has an educational background, research profile, teaching and industry work experience in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. She completed her Doctorate Degree in consumer behaviour within the sharing economy context at Newcastle University Business School. Prior to embarking on a doctoral journey, she received a Master’s (MSc) Degree in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Warwick, Warwick Business School (UK), an MBA Degree in Marketing and Sales from KIMEP University (Kazakhstan).

While working on her Ph.D. thesis, she served as a Research Assistant for the project that was conducted in collaboration between a number of academic institutions, private and public sector partners to develop sustainable regional ecosystems. Also, she has been involved in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the areas of digital marketing, consumer behaviour, strategic marketing, and integrated marketing management.

She is a member of academic associations in marketing and management, such as the British Academy of Management (BAM) and the UK Academy of Information Systems (UKAIS). She took part in related conferences as a participant and co-organiser.

Before joining Academia, she had had over 6 years of experience as a Marketing Manager and a Consultant responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategies and relationship building in a multi-stakeholder B2B environment.  

Research interests

Dinara’s research reflects interests in theories explaining individuals’ behaviour and purchase decisions within digitally mediated environments and social groups. Particularly, the research projects that she has undertaken examined the drivers of participation in the sharing economy and the implications that it has in peoples’ lives, taking into account interdisciplinary insight into the phenomenon. Dinara is interested in the application of digital technologies and their entrepreneurial and organisational impacts. She has completed the research focusing on the use of innovative technologies in the organisational settings to identify the factors that hinder their implementation in the business sector.

One of the completed research papers was recognised as the Best Paper at The 18th IFIP Conference on E-business, E-services and E-society, while the paper presented at the UK Academy for Information Systems Conference in 2021 received the prize as a highly commended paper.

Currently, she is working on the project exploring the user perspective on the utilisation of innovative technologies in non-private settings, the implications of innovative technologies for e-commerce and customer relationship management, and the psychological aspects explaining the use of social media by users of different generations.


  • Integrated marketing
  • E-marketing/digital marketing
  • Consumer/buyer behaviour
  • Strategic marketing


During a 2019-2020 academic year, she supervised postgraduate (MSc) students, whose research projects were related to:

  1. User behaviour in online communities (e.g. sharing economy platforms)
  2. Consumer behaviour in the FMCG sector
  3. Individuals’ attitude to online advertising  


Dinara has been serving as an Assistant Editor at the International Journal of Business Systems & Applied Management since 2018.

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