Portrait of Yunlu Yang

Yunlu Yang

Research Student



  • BA Chinese Language Literature, Foshan University
  • MSc International Business Management, University of Kent

Research interests

The evolutionary journey of building an ecosystem

Most influential businesses such as Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, and Facebook compete in a new world of the ecosystem where they go beyond a focal firm’s boundaries to incorporate interdependencies and complementarities between organizations, teams, individuals and customers. Although a small but growing number of scholars have attempted to understand the construct of an ecosystem and how platform ecosystems work, strategy researchers have not paid sufficient attention to the emergence of this ecosystem, for example, how do firms build such an ecosystem, and more specifically, how does an ecosystem leader orchestrate its internal and external resources to create sustainable value? My research will draw upon a series of primary data to gain an evolutionary understanding of how ecosystems come into being, what defines ecosystem boundaries and how do ecosystem boundaries evolve over time? How do ecosystem leaders control such diverse network partners​. 



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