Arifa Jamil Syed

Research Student
 Arifa Jamil Syed



  • Bachelors in Business Administration - Sikkim Manipal University, Distinction;
  • MSc Human Resource Management - University of Kent, Distinction


  • KBS International Scholarship

Research interests

Unpacking the 'Doctor Bride' Phenomenon and its impact on the Work Experiences of South Asian Muslim Women in Pakistan and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study

My research focuses on the competing interactions of discourses around gender, feminism, and femininity through mobilisation of the theoretical framework of Postfeminism. I am interested in understanding how Postfeminism manifests itself in a South Asian, Muslim context. In particular, I am researching the phenomenon of 'Doctor Brides' in Pakistan i.e. women's significant presence in the medical education site yet absence in the workforce due to normative traditional responsibilities e.g. marriage and motherhood. Through this, I will be aiming to uncover women's experiences of successes and failures in balancing their masculine career aspirations with their feminine home-making obligations. This is a comparative study examining the experiences of female doctors in Pakistan as well as Pakistani female doctors in the United Kingdom.



1st Supervisor's Research Group

People, Management and Organisation

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