Portrait of Dr Madeleine Wyatt

Dr Madeleine Wyatt

Senior Lecturer in Human Resources Management


Maddy is a senior lecturer in Human Resource Management (HRM) and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She is the Director of Studies for the MSc Human Resource Management and MSc International Human Resource Management. Maddy joined Kent Business School in 2011 and prior to this was a research assistant and visiting lecturer at City University London, where she also achieved her MSc in organisational psychology and PhD.
Maddy’s research examines the role of informal and political behaviour in the workplace and its impact on leadership journeys. Maddy also examines the performance of local and national politicians from an organisational psychology perspective. Maddy has worked with a number of organisations from private and public sectors. 

Research interests

Maddy’s research examines how individuals navigate the informal or political nature of organisations to reach senior roles. Her research also investigates the political work of local and national politicians from an organisational psychology perspective. For example, she has recently conducted research which examined how the personality of politicians influences their performance. Her work also examines the intersections of diversity in these contexts.
Maddy uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods and places emphasis on conducting applied research with organisations. Her work is published in journals such as Human Relations and The Leadership Quarterly. 


Maddy is Director of Studies for the CIPD accredited MSc HRM and the MSc International HRM. She convenes and teaches four modules for the masters: CB9044 Developing Business Skills for HRM, CB9048 Research Methods, CB9072 Business Project in HRM and CB8029 The Psychology of Selection and Assessment.
Maddy also convenes the undergraduate module CB751 Psychology of the Contemporary Workplace. She supervises undergraduate and postgraduate research projects where she encourages students to conduct applied HRM and organisational behaviour research with organisations. 

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Maddy welcomes PhD proposals in the following areas: organisational politics; socioeconomic status/social class; leadership.

Current Supervisees

  • Rebecca Ashley: The Role of Accents in Influencing Employee Behaviours and Inequalities in British Workplaces
  • Joel Montgomery: Exploring the motivation to act politically in leadership roles
  • Arifa Syed: Unpacking the 'Doctor Bride' Phenomenon and its impact on the Work Experiences of South Asian Muslim Women in Pakistan and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study (second supervisor) 
  • Fatima Tresh: (second supervisor) 
  • Nina Karmales: (second supervisor)

Supervision Topics

  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Career success and progression
  • The social-cognitive perspective of politics at work
  • Politicians as political workers 


  • Academic Associate of the CIPD
  • Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP)
  • Chartered occupational psychologist (QOccPsych)
  • She has Level A & B certificates in occupational psychometric testing
  • Member of several special interest groups with the Division of Occupational Psychology
  • Member of the DOP International working group, which involves conference and event organisation and aims to build international research links in applied psychology and between professional psychology bodies
  • External Affiliate of the Political Psychology Lab in the Department of Psychology. 
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