Portrait of Nayika Kamales

Nayika Kamales

Research Student



  • Bachelor of Business Administration. Major: Human Resource Management and Organization. Thammasat University, Thailand.
  • Master of Commerce in General Business. Major: Management and Organization. Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
  • Master of Organizational Leadership. PointPark University, Pittsburgh, USA.

Research interests

Gender, Networking & Career Development in a Thai Bureaucracy.

In Thai bureaucratic organisations, women have traditionally been underrepresented at the executive level and there is only a small proportion who reach top management positions, despite the existence of many well-qualified females. This is because of the glass ceiling that exists. Thai bureaucracy displays obvious examples of gender inequality because of its traditional male-dominated environment. Not surprisingly, women struggle in Thai bureaucracy and this trend has been rooted in organisational culture for a long time. To apply Joan Acker's theory of gendered organisation can help to prove that organisations are not neutral but gendered.

According to Acker, gender is embedded in all organizational processes. Therefore, we intend to identify the factors that provide support for females to achieve in their careers. We have already had a short informal interview with the ex-governor of one bureaucratic organisation to discuss his career path and we discovered that networking is one of the important factors that supported his career accomplishments, especially as governor.



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