Portrait of Betul Coban

Betul Coban

Research Student



  • BSc Industrial Engineering, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Turkey, (2014)
  • MSc Industrial Engineering, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Turkey, (2016)


  • Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Education, Full Graduate Scholarship for PhD, 2017-2020

Research interests

Integrating the planning and design decisions in flood mitigation, response and recovery phases considering interdisciplinary approaches
The planning and designing of operations in disaster management phases are generally addressed separately in the literature. However, there is no doubt that any phase has impacts upon others in the disaster cycle. Accordingly, in the study, it is basically aimed to seek both developing optimised disaster prevention strategies to mitigate disaster impacts on critical infrastructures and correspondingly enhancing the efficiency of response and recovery operations after a hazard. Specifically, relevant interdisciplinary approaches (meteorology and climate science, civil engineering, and environmental science) are considered in the stage of designing parameters and flood scenarios of the model.
We start by risk analysis and impact based flood forecasting (flood probability estimation tools and real-time rainfall observations) and continue to specify mitigation projects and measurements against a possible flooding. Finally, we analyse the impacts of mitigation investment projects on relief delivery, evacuation and infrastructure re-construction operations after a flood occurred applying advanced decision-making methods using flood scenarios. 



1st Supervisor's Research Group

Management Science

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