Portrait of Dr Guihan Ko

Dr Guihan Ko

Research Associate


Dr Guihan Ko is a Research Associate in Marketing & Innovation at Kent Business School. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Nottingham University Business School, and MSc degrees of Marketing Research from Temple University and Applied Statistics from the University of Alabama.

Research interests

Co-creation in New Product Development, Customer Engagement in Marketing Strategy, Front End of Innovation, Creativity, Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing. 

His research focuses on innovation and collaboration issues in Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Digital Marketing. Specifically, he explores factors related to collaborating with customers in the early stages of new product development and looks at the different roles of integration and process flexibility in different types of innovation processes. He has presented his research at the Product Development & Management Association research forum and the Innovation & Product Development Management Conference, amongst others.

He would like to extend his research focus on Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement. Particularly, he is interested in issues on how to develop new digital products/platforms to improve the consumer experience in the digitised world. Also, he is attracted to delving into the issue of customer engagement marketing in a data-rich environment. 


His teaching interests include Marketing Research Methods, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Strategy strengthened by International Marketing and New Product Development. 

Here at KBS, he teaches final year students Quantitative Methods as a part of their Dissertation Projects.  



Dr Guihan Ko has several professional experiences helping firms to understand better markets and consumers by analysing both quantitative and qualitative data in South Korea and the US.

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