Portrait of Professor Stephen Flowers

Professor Stephen Flowers

Professor of Management (Innovation)


Professor Stephen Flowers has recently joined KBS and his research focuses on Users and New Forms of Innovation. Over the course of his career, he has made significant contributions to the development of his research area and has influenced academic, policy and professional practice in the UK and internationally. 

Research interests

His research contribution in terms of leadership and output has also been significant and he has produced 21 peer-reviewed journal articles and reports, 4 books, 11 book chapters, 49 conference and working papers and 17 articles in the national media.

He has also edited a special issue on User Innovation for an international journal and in 2010 published an edited collection on the same topic (entitled ‘Perspectives on User Innovation’). His work has also provided the basis for a series of contributions to the development of policy positions on Open and User Innovation and he is a leading researcher in this area.
His work with the National Endowment for Science and the Arts (NESTA) in the UK resulted in the publication of the report ‘The New Inventors: how users are changing the rules of innovation’. The research project that led to this report explored the scale, scope and depth of User Innovation in the UK and was the first substantive piece of policy research on User Innovation to take place in that country.
Subsequent to this he led research on the measurement of Open and User Innovation activity by firms and consumers, subsequently replicated in many countries, and continues to work with policy groups on these topics. Stephen has presented his work at many leading universities including Harvard Business School, MIT, Erasmus University and Copenhagen Business School. He has undertaken projects for the OECD, Tekes, the European Commission and the Institutet for Tllvaxtpolitiska Studier, Stockholm. 


Professor Flowers welcomes applications to undertake research degrees in the area of Open and User Innovation that relate to his research interests.

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