Portrait of Dr Omar Al-Tabbaa

Dr Omar Al-Tabbaa

Senior Lecturer in Strategy & International Business


Dr Omar Al-Tabbaa is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Strategy and International Business, and he leads the MSc International Business & Management programme at Kent Business School.
He received his MSc (with Distinction) and PhD degrees from the University of Leeds, where he became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Previously he was a visiting researcher at Leeds University Business School.
Dr. AL-Tabbaa has received several awards including:

  • 'Outstanding Academic Performance Award’ at PhD level (University of Leeds),
  • 'Several Best Paper Awards' (British Academy of Management)
  • 'Highly Commended Paper prize' (Emerald Literati Network) 
  • Nominated regularly for the ‘Thank You Award’, for teaching excellence, (University of Huddersfield).  

Dr. Al-Tabbaa is an editorial member at two journals: Sustainability and Academy of Strategic Management Journal. 

In addition to academia, Dr Al-Tabbaa has extensive experience in the business development sector as he established and led the first Business and Technology Incubator in Palestine; a project funded by the World Bank.

Research interests

Overall, Dr Al-Tabbaa’s research focuses on two broad themes:

  • Nature and process of inter-organisational relationship
  • Sustainable business model innovation

Under the first theme, he investigates the collaborating mechanism between organisations in different settings including strategic alliance and internationalisation of SMEs, cross-sector collaboration, co-innovation, technology transfer, and cross-sector collaboration for public value creation.

In the second theme, Dr Al-Tabbaa studies how organisations develop their business models to create value in developing economies, and how they can engage in the emerging phenomenon of sharing economy. He also investigates the nature and dynamics of Sustainable Business Model Innovation process. 

His research, teaching, and enterprise activities have been supported by grants from both industries and research institutions totalling more than £1,000,000. 

Research and Enterprise grants:

  • 2021 Kent Business School research grant £1000.0 - Project: Sustainable Business Model Innovation: a process perspective 
  • 2015 - 2018 Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education €832,191.0 - Co-principle investigator - The grant aims to develop business and economic research centres (including curriculum development) at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions. The project involves collaboration with four Palestinian institutions and three European universities. 
  • 2015-2016 European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA) £25,000 - Co-principle investigator - The project aimed to develop a comprehensive socio-economic impact evaluation framework for UK subsea cable industry.
  • 2019-2013 University of Leeds £50,000 - Leeds University Business School doctoral research fellowship
  • 2007-2008 World Bank - InfoDe progra $25,700 - Grant Lead - The project aimed to develop a regional supporting network for business incubators by designing an innovative training model for building the capacity of the Middle East and North Africa incubators network members. 
  • 2006-2007 World Bank-InfoDev program $125,000 - Grant Lead - The project aims at enhancing the socio-economic situation in the Gaza Strip by using innovation to create new start-up ICT businesses. In specific, the project aimed to establish the first business incubator in the Palestinian territories.


Dr Al-Tabbaa’s teaching interests lie in the areas of strategic management, internationalization, innovation process and enablers and research methodology. He has taught International Business and Strategy modules at both undergraduate and graduate levels in different universities, including Leeds, Huddersfield, and Kent. 


Current Supervisees

  • Simdul Miri-Dashe: Business model innovation through scalability in the renewable energy sector in Africa
  • Sara Odat: The effect of the sharing economy at innovating SMEs business model in developing economies
  • Arwa Hayary: Business Model innovation in the public sector (expected 2022)
  • Matt Snell: Solar energy social enterprises operating in the nexus between formal and informal economies (the University of Huddersfield, External supervisor)
  • Yeneingeda Kassahun: University-Industry Interaction between developing and developed economies (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, External supervisor)

Past Supervisees

  • Abdalhamed Nasr: Alliance capability in family businesses 
  • Nadia Zahoor: Alliance capability, internationalization, and co-innovation in SMEs
  • Maksym Koghut: Exploring the Role of Blockchain Technology in Inter-organisational Trust Formation


  • External Examiner, University of Essex
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Academic Consultant, Said Foundation, UK
  • Visiting Research Fellow University of Leeds, (2014-2018)
  • Academic Consultant, Chevening Scholarships Secretariat, (2013-2014)  
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