Dr Juliane Thieme

Lecturer in Management


Dr Juliane Thieme joined Kent Business School as a PhD student on a Kent 50th Anniversary Scholarship, and, after completing her PhD, is now a Lecturer in Management. She holds a Master’s degree in Tourism, Environment and Development from King’s College London, and a German undergraduate degree in Business Administration focused on Marketing, Events and Sports Management. Previous to joining academia, Juliane worked as a practitioner in marketing and advertising, mostly within the fields of tourism and leisure.

Research Interests

Tourism, tourism management, tourism development, political economy of tourism, backpacker tourism

Dr Juliane Thieme’s research is centred around tourism in general, tourism in developing countries, the political economy of tourism, especially concerning the changing power relations in developing tourism destinations. Her research is focussed on small-scale actors such as tourism SME’s, independent travellers and backpackers, and the local community. Her research endeavours have taken her on various field work trips to Colombia, and she is very much interested in development of tourism in Latin America.


Juliane's teaching experience in the fields of International Business, Management, and Strategy. She links current events, discussions and research with her teaching, while also including social media such as Twitter to enhance the student experience and to provide additional information.



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  • Thieme, J. (2007). Sportler Und Verein: Eine Musterathletenvereinbarung. AV Akademikerverlag.

Conference or workshop item

  • Thieme, J., Hampton, M. and Zigan, K. (2016). Analysing Backpacker Tourism in Rural Colombia: Towards a Political Economy Framework. In: ATLAS Annual Conference on Tourism, Lifestyles and Locations.. Available at: http://www.atlas-euro.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=q6iiKmLMg8Q%3d&tabid=248&language=en-US.
  • Thieme, J. (2012). The Creation of a Backpacker Tourism Space: The Planned Methodology of a case Study from the Colombian Caribbean Coast. In: 6th World Conference for Graduate Research. Available at: http://www.anatoliajournal.com/kongre_arsivi/graduate/programs/2012graduate.pdf.
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