Dr Jan Breitsohl

Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing


Dr Jan Breitsohl is currently Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Kent Business School, University of Kent. Previously Jan was a Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Aberystwyth University, as well as the Director of Research and several Msc Marketing Specialist Programmes. He further holds a PhD in Marketing Psychology from Bangor University.

Research Interests

Socio-psychological theories and communication management techniques to investigate the dark side of social media.

His current projects investigate consumer-to-consumer aggression in online communities, managing corporate scandals on Facebook and Twitter, and collective consumer reactions to unethical corporate behaviour.

Jan has co-authored publications with researchers from Europe and the US in leading national and international peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Retailing and Tourism Management. He has presented at various national and international conferences and won the best paper in track award ('E-Marketing') at the Academy of Marketing Conference for three years in a row (2014-2016), as well as the 'Best Paper for Research Originality' at the Global Brand Conference in Kalmar, Sweden (2017).

He has been track chair at several conferences, reviewer for leading international journals, and external examiner for various universities.


Jan strongly supports research-led teaching models that aim to nurture students' practical abilities to conduct primary research at a publishable standard. His lectures combine social media and collaborative research tools to provide student-engaging and interactive learning environments.


Current Supervision topics:
  • Psychological aspects of consumer aggression online
  • Managing consumer aggression online
  • Consumer reactions to unethical corporate behaviour
  • Managing consumer reactions to corporate scandals
Current Supervisees:

Nuttakon Ounvorawong: A study of consumer-to-consumer aggression in online brand communities


Jan holds a German IHK diploma in Industrial Sales Management ('Industrie-Kaufmann') and has four years of managerial experience in various business positions.

He has further been involved in several consultancy projects with companies such as Ford Europe, Rue du Commerce and Damart UK, and delivered various executive workshops.


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  • Breitsohl, J. and Garrod, B. (2015). Assessing tourists’ cognitive, emotional and behavioural reactions to an unethical destination incident. Tourism Management [Online] 54:209-220. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tourman.2015.11.004.
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  • Breitsohl, J., Wilcox-Jones, J. and Harris, I. (2015). Groupthink 2.0: An empirical analysis of customers’ conformity-seeking in online communities. Journal of Customer Behaviour [Online] 14:87-106. Available at: https://dx.doi.org/10.1362/147539215X14373846805662.
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Book section

  • Breitsohl, J., Khammash, M. and Griffiths, G. (2014). Online complaint communication strategy: an integrated management framework for e-businesses. In: Handbook of Strategic E-Business Management. Springer, pp. 907-933. Available at: https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-39747-9_38.
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