Ahmed Aljazea

Research Student

Research Interests

The Impact of Big Data on Warranty Management

Warranty management in firms can ensure that their customers can gain their trust and confidence in the reliability and quality of the products they purchase from them, while helping maintain quality and reduce costs through providing them this level of guarantee. Furthermore, given that warranty management is gears towards companies that make products, the same principal can apply to a company’s data management services. In spite of the recent developments in “big data” across industry, the factors associated with the impact of big data on warranty management can potentially impact on a company’s overall profits, as mismanagement of mass data can potentially cost businesses a vast amount of money if no clear warranty is applied.

For that reason, this study aims to explore the factors associated with big data and its impact on warranty management across industry. Moreover, this will help to assess whether firms treat the management of mass amounts of data through warranty management the same as they do when applying such warranties on their consumer products.


Dr Shaomin Wu
Dr Steve Liu


  • BSc Computer Science, King Saud University 2001.
  • MBA, King Abudlaziz University 2011.


  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian Cultural Saudi Bureau - London