Television and radio studios



Nothing beats the buzz of a television or radio studio with minutes to go before a news broadcast. Presenters going over their scripts; producers finalising packages; editors re-jigging running orders; floor managers ensuring everyone is where they should be; vision mixers checking camera angles; autocue operators loading up scripts; reporters making final check calls.

During regular news days throughout your course, you'll get to undertake all of these roles and plenty of others too as you put together programmes (as well as newspapers and web sites) for live broadcast by the end of the day.

Our fantastic studio facilities mean that the programmes you produce are to the highest professional technical standards.

Better still, they are always available for you to use for practice, or to undertake your own projects - several groups of our students produce their own independent podcasts, for example, using our studios.

Journalism, University of Kent, Room G1-08 Gillingham Building,University of Kent at Medway, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4AG

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Last Updated: 03/09/2012