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Visitors and conference guests IT access

Wi-Fi on campus

Print copy scan

With a Kent IT Account you can use print copy scanners in the Templeman Library and in campus study hubs.

If you don't have an IT Account you cannot print but can photocopy: you would need to visit the Templeman Library Welcome Desk, buy a £2 photocopy card and buy print credits to pay for your copies.

Cost of printing and copying (per side) - 1 credit = 1 pence

  • A4 black & white - 5 print credits
  • A4 colour - 20 print credits
  • A3 black & white - 10 print credits
  • A3 colour - 40 print credits

Visitor PC

There is a visitor PC in the Templeman Library for public use. Ask staff about using it.

Kent IT Accounts for visitors

A Kent IT Account is available to academic visitors, conference guests and those staying overnight on campus. Library external borrowers get a different type of account.

Services you can access with your Kent IT Account:

Library services for visitors and external users


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Last Updated: 23/04/2018